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Sharp's VE-CG40U digital camera. Courtesy of Sharp Electronics Corp. Sharp returns to the digicam market
(Friday, August 30, 2002 - 14:23 EDT)

It has been quite a while since Japanese consumer electronics company Sharp Corp. offered a new digital camera model - but a press release from the company's US arm sees it returning with not just one, but two new models.

The release from New Jersey-based Sharp Electronics Corporation is rather light on detail, but describes two similar models with three- and four-megapixel sensors respectively. We're continuing to seek more detailed specifications and further product photos, but in the meantime we have an image of the higher-resolution model and a few specifications highlights for you below:

Sharp's VE-CG40U digital camera. Courtesy of Sharp Electronics Corp.

  • VE-CG30U: 3.3 megapixel CCD
    VE-CG40U: 4.2 megapixel CCD
  • 3x optical zoom lens
  • 3x digital zoom
  • 1.5-inch, 134,000 pixel CG Silicon LCD display
  • Secure Digital storage (16MB SD card bundled)
  • USB connectivity
  • "Quick-link" button for one-touch image transfer
  • Exposure bracketing
  • Aperture Priority
  • Shutter Priority
  • Full Manual
  • White balance control
  • VE-CG40U: MotionJPEG movie clips with sound
  • Gamma correction
  • "Image Effects"
  • Can show "frame guide" on LCD to assist with framing
  • Comes with 16MB SD card, USB cable, wrist strap and AC adapter
  • Weighs less than one pound / 454 grams
  • VE-CG30U: Ships August 2002 at a price of $499.95
    VE-CG40U: Ships September 2002 at a price of $599.95
Watch for more details on these cameras if/when we can get the info...

Original Source Press Release:


Megapixel Models Offer New CG Silicon™ Display to Consumers

SAN DIEGO, August 22, 2002 - Sharp Electronics Corporation, an innovator in camcorders with its Viewcam® product line, today announced its entry into the digital still camera market with two new megapixel models featuring Sharp's proprietary CG Silicon Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology.

Both units, models VE-CG30U and VE-CG40U, will be outfitted with a 1.5-inch high resolution color CG Silicon LCD screen and viewfinder, which will ensure a crisp preview to properly frame a photo. They also come equipped with high-end features such as bracket exposure, aperture and shutter priority modes, gamma correction, and full manual options to give the photographer control over lighting, shutter speeds and exposure. These features offer an unprecedented opportunity for creativity with digital photography.

"Sharp is proud to introduce these exciting, feature-rich models at a time when the digital still camera category is steadily growing," said Robert Pleyer, senior marketing manager, video products, Sharp Electronics. "Continuing to enter new product areas is extremely important to Sharp, and it reinforces our strength as a leading consumer electronics brand."

The VE-CG30U has a 3.3 megapixel CCD, while the VE-CG40U features a 4.2 megapixel CCD. Both models also have 3X optical zoom and 3X digital zoom, USB driver and interface, white balance control, image effects, and come with a multitude of supplied accessories such as a 16 MB SD memory card, USB cable, wrist strap and AC adapter.

Both cameras weigh less than one pound. The VE-CG40U also features movie motion JPEG capture with sound for creating short video "clips" on a memory card.

The VE-CG30U and VE-CG40U CG Silicon displays offer double the resolution of traditional LCD screens, enabling the photographer to playback a higher resolution image. For example, on a 1.5-inch panel, a CG Silicon screen would display 134k pixels, while a standard LCD screen would display 61k pixels. In addition, a frame guide is superimposed on the display to help the photographer compose better pictures. Both the VE-CG30U and VE-CG40U also have an easy "Quick link" button for one-touch photo transfer from the camera to the PC. Users can simply connect the included USB cable to the camera and the computer, hit the button, and it's complete.

About CG Silicon Technology
Sharp's CG Silicon technology provides an ultra-high performance LCD that consumes less power and provides advanced functionality, versatility and durability. CG Silicon is ideal for high performance mobile information equipment, including phones, PDAs, portable games, digital still cameras and car navigation systems. Sharp Corporation and the Semiconducter Energy Laboratory Co. of Japan jointly developed CG Silicon and share the related patents.

The VE-CG30U will be available this month for a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $499.95. The VE-GC40U will be available in September for a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $599.95.

For more information on Sharp's full line of Viewcam camcorders contact Sharp Electronics Corporation, Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, New Jersey 07430 or call 1-800-BE-SHARP or visit Sharp's Web site at www.sharpusa.com.


Sharp Electronics Corporation is the Mahwah, N.J.-based marketing and sales
subsidiary of Japan's Sharp Corporation, a worldwide developer of the core technologies that are integral to shaping the next generation of home entertainment products, appliances, networked, multi-functional office solutions and mobile communication and information tools. Leading brands include AQUOS™ Liquid Crystal Televisions, 1-Bit™ audio products, the SharpVision® line of projection products, Viewcam® camcorders, Sharp Carousel® microwaves, Imager™ digital multi-functional systems, the Notevision® line of multi-media projectors, and the Zaurus™ Personal Mobile Tool. Sharp Electronics Corporation employs approximately 2,000 people throughout the U.S. supporting more than 50 product lines.

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