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Toshiba's logo. Click here to visit the Toshiba website! Toshiba cuts digicam prices
(Tuesday, December 3, 2002 - 18:56 EST)

Toshiba Imaging Systems has today announced a series of price-cuts on its digital cameras in the run up to the holiday season.

With only three weeks until Christmas, the company has adjusted pricing as follows:
  • PDR-M25 (2.2 megapixel, 3x zoom): $199
  • PDR-2300 (2 megapixel, 3x zoom): $199
  • PDR-T10 (2 megapixel, non-zoom with touch-screen): $199
  • PDR-M3300 (3.2 megapixel, 2.8x zoom): $299
  • PDR-M3320 (3.2 megapixel, 3x zoom): $299
  • PDR-T20 (2.01 megapixel, 2x zoom with touch-screen): $399
  • PDR-M3310 (3.2 megapixel, 3x zoom): $399
  • PDR-T30 (3.2 megapixel, 2x zoom with touch-screen): $449
More details can be found in the press release below.

Original Source Press Release:

Last Minute Santa Alert: Toshiba Reduces Price of Popular Digital Cameras

IRVINE, CA, December 3, 2002 ­ With the holiday shopping season now in full
swing, Toshiba Imaging Systems, a division of Toshiba America Information
Systems, Inc., is lending a hand to last minute Santas by lowering the price
on this seasonšs hottest gadget gift: digital cameras.

"Just as they did last year, digital cameras are topping America's holiday
gift wish list this year," said David Ficken, National Sales Manager,
Toshiba Imaging Systems. "To meet this demand, Toshiba has lowered prices
across-the-the-board on its expanded line of award-winning digital cameras,
plus is offering the convenience of on-line shopping at

Selecting a digital camera doesn't have to be stressful, explains Ficken,
even with "difficult-to-buy-for" people on your shopping list. Toshiba
offers a full range of camera models with one that's right for every user,
from entry-level photographers making the switch from film to digital, to
more experienced shooters who crave the newest, most innovative features.

Effective today, visitors to www.shoptoshiba.com will find Toshiba cameras
at these greatly reduced prices:

PDR-M25 Digital Camera ($199): The compact-sized PDR-M25 takes advantage of
a wide spectrum of digital imaging technologies including an advanced 2.2
megapixel CCD to capture images at resolutions up to 1792 x 1200 pixels; an
aspherical glass lens equipped with 3X optical zoom and 2X digital zoom; a
1.5-inch high-resolution color LCD for instant preview and review of photos;
reusable, high-capacity SmartMedia card storage; and a macro mode that lets
photographers get up close to the action and capture intricate details
missed by other cameras.

PDR-2300 Digital Camera ($199): Fun and easy-to-use, the PDR-2300
two-megapixel digital camera offers a wealth of features including an
all-glass, auto focus lens system with 3x optical zoom, an AVI Movie Mode to
produce videos up to 15 seconds in length, and a built-in flash with four
modes. Additional features highly-valued by digital photographers are: a
Real Image Type viewfinder with diopter adjustment for those with corrective
eyewear, automatic and manual white balance settings, exposure compensation
(+/-1.8 at 0.3EV), SD card storage along with 8MB of internal memory, plus a
macro capability to approximately 3.5 inches.

PDR-T10 Digital Camera ($199): The highly-innovative PDR-T10 2.0 Megapixel
digital camera merges function with fashion, offering high-resolution
imaging quality plus the simplicity of a touch screen LCD that operates like
a hand-held PDA device. Also distinguishing the PDR-T10 -- and adding to
its excitement -- is a collection of interchangeable, snap-on faceplates,
such as zebra stripes, polka dots, and retro orange, that let the user alter
the look of their camera to match whatever mood they find themselves in.

PDR-M3300 Digital Camera ($299): PC Magazine recently recommended the
PDR-3300 as "a great value for those who want the most camera for the least
money." The camera's 3.2 million pixels CCD gives greater edge detail in
picture file sizes up to 2048 x 1536 pixels. Other features that make it
attractive to the more experienced shutterbug include a Canon all-glass lens
with a focal length equivalent of 35mm to100mm on a 35mm camera; a 2.8
optical zoom and a Macro mode for close-ups; a five-mode flash system;
Aperture-priority AE, Shutter-priority AE and Full Manual AE; Manual White
Balance and Exposure Compensation (+/- 2.0 at 0.3EV); ISO sensitivity
(100/200/400); and enhanced signal processing technology for smooth burst
mode shooting.

PDR-M3320 Digital Camera ($299): Building on the popular PDR-M25 camera
design, the PDR-3320 features an impressive array of technologies to achieve
superior picture taking, such as an advanced 3.2 Megapixel CCD for
high-resolution photos up to 2048 x 1536, an all-glass, aspherical 3X
optical zoom lens (equivalent to a 38-114mm lens on a 35mm camera) with
built-in macro capability, plus an optional mounting system for third-party
filters or wide-angle lenses on the lens barrel.

PDR-T20 Digital Camera ($399): Like the Toshiba PDR-T10, the PDR-T20
features a touchscreen LCD, plus gives consumers more advanced photographic
features and controls, as well as a high tech-looking, silver metallic
casing that combines pocketable dimensions with a distinctive sliding lens
cover. It boasts a 2.01 million-pixel CCD sensor to capture richly detailed
1600 x 1200 images with superior color reproduction, a 2x optical zoom lens
(equivalent to a 38-76 mm lens on a 35 mm camera), plus a 3x digital
telephoto mode resulting in 6x total zooming capabilities.

PDR-M3310 Digital Camera ($399): The PDR-3310 3.2 megapixel digital camera
is the benchmark for excellence in the ultra-small, optical zoom equipped
digital camera category. Roughly the size of a deck of playing cards (3.58 x
2.24 x 1.24 inches), it has serious shutterbug features including manual
white balance, ISO sensitivity, aperture priority AE, multi-mode flash, and
manual exposure compensation. Adding to its appeal is a 3x optical zoom,
all-glass lens (equivalent to a 35-105 mm lens on a 35 mm camera). In
addition to its impressive still photography, the camera also has a fun AVI
video mode (320 x 240) that makes movie making as easy as snapping a

PDR-T30 Digital Camera ($449): The PDR-T30 is the third generation of
Toshiba digital cameras to sport a PDA-like touchscreen, the only such
cameras on the market today. Making a striking visual impression in its
stylish, highly-polished aluminum housing, it picks up the touchscreen
concept and elevates it to a new level by incorporating a high-resolution
3.2 megapixel CCD (2048 x 1536), along with a new AVI movie mode that
enables the camera to double as a digital video camcorder. Another new
benefit is a built-in paint program accessible on the LCD. This
ground-breaking feature provides users with the ability to draw on the
photographs they take, plus make detailed notes on the image.

Toshiba cameras are compatible with Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh
operating systems, and come with all necessary cables, software and memory

For more information, U.S. customers call 1-800-288-1354. Fax,
1-800-640-8674. Or visit Toshiba on the Web at www.dsc.toshiba.com.
Consumers are encouraged to visit www.shoptoshiba.com for on-line shopping.

Toshiba Imaging Systems is a division of Toshiba America Information
Systems, Inc. providing advanced imaging solutions to the consumer,
industrial, medical and security markets. Products include digital still
cameras, microminiature CCD cameras, monitors, VCRs, digital video
recorders, and CCTV cameras.

With headquarters in Irvine, Toshiba America Information Systems, (TAIS) is
comprised of multiple divisions that provide computer, communications and
imaging products and services.

Products include industry leading portable computers, PDAs, mobile computing
accessories, servers, including communications and portable servers, storage
subsystems, cable modems, digital business telephone systems, voice mail,
digital cameras, security systems and projectors.

TAIS provides sales, marketing, services and manufacturing for its wide
range of information products in the United States and Latin America. TAIS
is an independent operating company owned by Toshiba America Inc., a
subsidiary of Toshiba Corp., which is a world leader in high-technology and
integrated manufacturing of electrical and electronic components, products
and systems.

Toshiba has global sales of more than $50 billion and more than 300
subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide.

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