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Sanyo's IDC-1000Z digital camera. Courtesy of Sanyo, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Sanyo IDC-1000Z firmware updated
(Wednesday, February 26, 2003 - 08:06 EST)

Jerry Sehl of Florida-based Online Access Networks Inc., which sells a wide range of Sanyo's products including their digital cameras, emailed this morning to let us know of a firmware update for the Sanyo IDC-1000Z digital camera.

The new firmware has a number of changes as follows:
  • Compatibility with Windows XP and Windows 2000 over the IEEE 1394 connection.
    When used with BHA B's CLiP Ver 5.11 or later, the camera is now compatible with Windows XP and Windows 2000. In addition to the camera firmware update, it is also necessary to update the version of BHA B's CLiP.
  • Shortened boot time during disk load.
    The boot time when the disc is installed has been shortened.
  • Shortened waiting time after shooting sequential shots.
    The buffer memory control following sequential shots shooting has been upgraded, and the waiting time following sequential shots shooting has been improved.
  • Faster build speed with Animation Shooting and Interval Shooting.
    When building video clip files from a large number of recorded frames, the processing has been improved, and the processing time shortened.
  • Onionskin function for Animation Shooting added.
    When a frame is recorded, by switching between the previous recorded frame and the through-the-lens image, you can confirm the degree of subject movement. High-speed switching between the previous image display and the through-the-lens image display can also be operated by the remote controller. This function is useful for more precise Animation.
  • Improved image scrolling on the 9-Frame Multi Screen.
    When using the 9-Frame Multi Screen display to view a large volume of captured images, you can now quickly access the desired file by keeping the arrow button depressed or by using the selector dial for accelerated scrolling through the file numbers.
  • Improved mode transition when manual photography is selected.
    In manual shooting, parameters for the AE mode selection or white balance mode selection that have already been set once can be accessed directly, instead of via the menu display. This change enhances operability when photographing with frequent shutter speed and aperture changes.
  • Improved drive block stability.
    The upgraded drive control provides improved stability.
As always with firmware upgrades, be sure to follow the instructions and only install firmware intended for your camera. The firmware and software updates can be downloaded from the OANI website...

Thanks to Jerry Sehl / OANI.net for this item!

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