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Nixvue's Digital Album Lite. Courtesy of digital-gear.com. Click here to visit the digital-gear.com website! Portable storage customised to your needs
(Wednesday, April 9, 2003 - 16:33 EDT)

Nixvue Systems Pte. Ltd. of Singapore has today announced a new addition to its lineup of Digital Album products, portable storage devices that let you offload your flash memory onto a hard-disk when you're away from home.

Available only from the digital-gear.com website, the Nixvue Digital Album Lite lets users "roll" their own storage device that meets their particular needs. The device is sold with no hard-disk built in, allowing you to select your own 2.5" hard drive - and choose what you want in terms of capacity, speed, power consumption and cost.

Nixvue says that installation requires only a screwdriver and pair of scissors, and notes that a simple press of a button will format and partition your new hard drive for you. As with other Nixvue Digital Albums, the DA Lite HDO (Hard Disk Option) has an LCD display through which you control the unit, a Type-II CompactFlash slot, USB 2.0 connectivity and a connection for an external power supply.

The Nixvue Digital Album Lite HDO costs $199, and optional accessories include a $34.95 12-volt car adapter, $59.95 8-cell battery pack, and $49.95 external 1400mAh Lithium Ion battery.

Original Source Press Release:

DA Lite HDO Now Available

April 7, 2003 - Singapore - Nixvue Systems Announces Digital Album Lite HDO (Hard Disk Option) Now Available Nixvue Systems Pte Ltd, manufacturers of the award-winning Nixvue Digital Album today announced the introduction and immediate online availability of a new product configuration targeted at the consumer end of the digital camera market. The Nixvue DA Lite HDO (for Digital Album Lite Hard Disk Option) allows the digital camera user to easily install a hard disk of their choosing into the portable battery-operated hard disk image storage device.

The $199 (US) Nixvue DA Lite HDO is designed to meet the needs of digital camera users wanting a reliable, low cost, and easy to use, image storage device. The DA Lite HDO is sold without hard disk allowing the user to choose the capacity and brand of hard disk for use in the device. A 2.5" laptop type 9.5mm IDE hard disk may be installed in a few minutes with only a screwdriver and a pair of scissors. The DA Lite HDO was designed to allow the user to install or upgrade the hard disk so the partition and format routines are built into the unit's firmware and are accessed by a simple button press. Included in the package is a detailed installation manual in both printed and electronic form.

Building upon the strengths of the award-winning Nixvue Digital Album, the DA Lite comes with a built-in USB 2.0 interface for super-fast transfers back to the PC, a Compact Flash Type I/II slot, and the A/C power adapter port. The high-contrast backlit LCD panel allows the user to execute copy and verify commands, as well as check directory listings, and perform copy-back to memory card functions.

Optional Accessories
Accessories available for the DA Lite HDO include a 12 Volt Car Adapter - $34.95, 8AA Cell External Battery Pack - $59.95, and Extra Internal 1400mAh Lithium Ion Battery - $49.95.

Available Now Online
The DA Lite HDO is only available online and will not be sold through retail dealers. Purchases may be made online at http://www.digital-gear.com

For more information please visit our website at: http://www.nixvue.com

To purchase please visit the online store at: http://www.digital-gear.com

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