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Hi-Touch Imaging's 640PS dye-sub printer. Courtesy of Hi-Touch Imaging, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. HiTi updates its 630PS dye-sub to be faster, higher-res
(Friday, May 9, 2003 - 15:33 EDT)

Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies has announced an update to its existing 630PS dye-sublimation printer, in the form of the new 640PS.

The 640PS is 6mm wider than its predecessor, and is both higher resolution and faster. The 630PS was 300 x 300 dots per inch (dpi) - which HiTi says is equivalent to a 4800 dpi inkjet - where the new 640PS is 403 x 403 dpi, apparently equivalent to a 6400 dpi inkjet. Each 4" x 6" print takes 75 seconds approximately, fully 25 seconds faster than the old model.

The HiTi 640PS Photo Printer costs $299.99, whilst the 630PS gets a price-drop to $189.99. Full specifications for the new model follow:

HiTi 640PS Photo Printer
Printing Method Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer continuous tone printing, Yellow / Magenta / Cyan / Overcoat / 4-pass.
Gradations 256 levels per Yellow, Magenta, Cyan color (8 bits), total 16.77 million true colors.
Resolution 403 x 403 dpi
Printing Size 4 in. x 6 in (100 mm x 152 mm).
Paper Size 4 in. x 7 in (100mm x 178mm) with detachable boundary.
Paper Feed Cassette type automatic feeder, 25 sheet capacity.
Ribbon Cartridge YMCO (Y:Yellow M:Magenta C:Cyan O:Overcoat).
Display 1.6 inches LCD.
Printing Speed Approx.75 sec. per sheet (Excluding data transmission time).
Computer Interface USB (Ver. 1.1)
System Requirements Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, 64MB RAM, 150MB HDD, USB Port and Pentium PC
Power Requirements 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature 59° ~ 90°F ( 15° ~ 32°C )
Operating Humidity 20 ~ 75% R.M.
Dimensions 224mm (W) x 210mm (H) x 140mm (D)
Weight 2.7kg (5.9 lbs)
Certification UL, TUV-GS, CE, BSMI, CCC, C-Tick, FCC
Accessories Included 640PS Controller, Paper Cassette, USB cable, CD-ROM (with printer drivers, bundle software and electronic manual), AC power cord, Sample print kit (8 sheets of photo paper, 1 sheet of 4x4 sticker, 1 sheet of 4/2/4 sticker plus 1 ribbon cartridge for 10 prints)
Optional Consumables
50 images photo paper kit
50 images 1x1 sticker kit
50 images 4x4 sticker kit
50 images 4/2/4 sticker kit
(Each kit above includes a ribbon cartridge and photo papers/stickers.)
Cleaning kit
* Equal to 6400dpi of Ink Jet Printer

Original Source Press Release:

Hi-Touch Imaging Announces New Faster 640PS Photo Printer

Montebello, CA Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies announces the addition of its new and faster 640PS Photo Printer to the HiTi family. The 640PS is the deluxe version of the already popular 630PS model and will feature stand-alone, direct printing of lab-quality photos at an increased 403dpi (equivalent to inkjet 6400dpi). To keep current with digital photography trends, the 640PS will accept six different media types (Compact Flash, Smart-Media, Secure Digital, Memory Stick, Multi-Media Card, and Micro-Drive) directly on the built-in card reader. The new machine's cost per print average continues to be significantly less than the costs of inkjet printing and even more affordable than other dye-sublimation printing solutions. With sleek looks and a sharp hand-held LCD Wizard Window to preview and edit photographs, the 640PS Photo Printer will quickly prove itself to be among the most desired photo printers on the market. The 640PS is capable of printing with matte surface and glossy effects without changing media. Additionally, a unique "watermark" can be adding using HiTi's Magic Coating Technology which also waterproofs the prints and protects them from aging. The printer comes with HiTi's PhotoDésirée imaging editing software which allows users to enhance and modify images on demand. Another cool feature is the ability to adjust individual color preferences for all prints. The 640PS produces true photo-lab quality prints in only 75 seconds.

For more information please go to: www.hitouchimaging.com

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