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WebPics 2.6.1 Fixes Import Crash
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Wednesday, June 18, 2003 - 12:20 EDT)

The latest release fixes "a nasty, but minor, crashing bug" found in the iPhoto import feature.

WebPics is an OS X application to build and upload Web pages from iPhoto albums or other collections of digital images. The pages feature thumbnails automatically linked to the full-sized images and captions whose style can be customized.

The new version fixes an iPhoto album import crash.

Highlights of version 2.6 include:

  • Added an iPhoto 2.0 album import feature;
  • Improved the vertical spacing of thumbnails and captions;
  • Added 'Use original images' choice in the Output tab;
  • Extracting original photo date/time from EXIF data ;
  • Added support to preserve the EXIF (camera) data in generated photo files;
  • Added support to search for missing pictures when opening documents;
  • Fxed the FTP to Web server feature to work with 10.x and 9.2;
  • Complete AppleScript scripting support;
  • Added support for home page links on the gallery pages;
  • Redesigned the HTML generation to use cascading style sheets (CSS) in place of font tags; and
  • Added support text overlay on pictures (typically used for copyright information).

WebPics runs under Mac OS 9.0 or newer or Mac OS X 10.1 or newer requiring at least 32-MB RAM, although "the more RAM the faster WebPics will build web pages," the company noted. QuickTime version 3.0 is required and QuickTime 4.0 or above is suggested.

For more information or to download the demo, visit http://www.splons.com/m3/webpics.

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