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Sigma's SD9 digital camera. Try before you buy: Sigma offers Photo Pro demo
(Friday, June 27, 2003 - 17:47 EDT)

One of the major problems users experience in selecting a digital camera is in deciding which software bundle they like.

When cameras make RAW files that few (if any) standard programs like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and the like can read, this problem is compounded. There's no way to try the software in most camera stores, and even if you're able to try it on somebody's computer, there's no guarantee you'll have long enough to figure out what features are available to you - or even if the program will work on your own computer.

An announcement from Sigma Japan is to be applauded then. The company is now making a free CD-ROM available with its Sigma Photo Pro software and a selection of Sigma SD9 RAW files - letting users get an idea of how the software works before they decide whether to buy the camera. Honestly, it makes sense to do this - you have to have access to an SD9 to get any benefit out of the software beyond converting the sample RAW files. Sigma has nothing to lose by distributing the software free, and everything to gain. We'd really like to see more manufacturers doing this...

To get a copy of the CD, contact Sigma's local office in your country.

Original Source Press Release:

Free SIGMA Photo Pro Demonstration Disk Now Available

Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of a new free
CD-Rom that provides full working version of SIGMA Photo Pro V 1.1.

SIGMA Photo Pro is an exclusive tool for converting SIGMA SD9's RAW data
into JPEG and TIFF formats.

The goal of this demonstration disk is to introduce ease to use interface,
high-definition quality of SD9 images and advanced features of SIGMA Photo
Pro program to digital SLR camera professionals and enthusiasts.

SIGMA Photo Pro program features quick selection of an image from the
thumbnail display of the main menu and display in the review window.

SIGMA Photo Pro program also features adjustment of exposure compensation,
color-balance, contrast, etc. by using adjustment controls palette.

SD9 images can be output at the same, half or double size resolution. The
default setting for resolution is the same as the resolution captured by the
camera. Half-size resolution is very convenient for having a compact file size,
required for e-mail transmission or web-publication. Double-size resolution is
very useful for large-size/high-quality prints.

To provide more enjoyment and experience processing of SIGMA Photo Pro
program, RAW format of sample images are provided in this CD-Rom.

The new demo CD-Rom also includes PDF version of SD9 brochures to explain
the advanced functions of SD9 camera.

To request a free copy of the CD-Rom, please call SIGMA's representative in
your country.

URL: http://www.sigma-photo.co.jp/english/world/index.html

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