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Ricoh's Caplio RR211 digital camera. Courtesy of Ricoh Europe, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Ricoh Caplio RR211 ships in Europe
(Wednesday, November 5, 2003 - 14:36 EST)

Ricoh Europe has today announced that it is shipping the Ricoh Caplio RR211 digital camera.

First announced back in August, the Caplio RR211 has a 1.92 megapixel effective resolution coupled with a 49mm-equivalent fixed focal-length, fixed-focus lens, and also features an LCD display for image preview and review. The camera is available now, and costs €130 (US$144 ignoring exchange rate fluctuations, taxes and duties).

Full specifications and a product photo can be seen in our coverage of the original announcement.

Original Source Press Release:

Ricoh launches ultra-portable 1.92 effective megapixel 4x zoom digital camera

Ricoh is extremely happy to announce the release of the new Caplio RR211. Weighing in at approximately 110 grams*, the Caplio RR211 is an ultra-portable, stylish, fixed focus digital camera with a bright 1.92 effective megapixel CMOS sensor and impressive 4x digital zoom that's very simple to use and comes conveniently packaged as an all-in-one unit.

Building on the success of last year's Caplio RR230 - a compact digital camera that pioneered the timesaving "Quick View" functionality which allows users to swiftly navigate their latest shots on the 1.5-inch TFT LCD monitor with just one push on the menu controller, Caplio RR211 is further enhanced with a handy fixed focus lens, slimmer design, movie recording capabilities and a clever battery-saving solution that works by using only the power supply of a PC when transferring images via USB cable.

The Caplio RR211 takes precise aim at the large number of value seeking consumers seeking a compact, simple to operate, point-and-shoot digital camera in the 2-megapixel, 4x digital zoom range. Continuous efforts to improve portability and functionality with respect to this principal consumer group will further advance Ricoh's distinct reputation as a pioneering leader offering a trustworthy selection of quality digital cameras worldwide that includes the award-winning Caplio G3 released this past spring.

"Now this is a digital camera people have been waiting for!" exclaims a senior member of the Marketing Office at Ricoh's Personal Multimedia Company. "It's so light, so compact, so easy to use and so much fun, users will want to take it everywhere! There's no need to worry about focusing either, just point, shoot and enjoy. Plus we've made transferring images via USB cable to their computer even smarter by using just the power of the PC, so users can save precious battery power. This is one smart, stylish digital camera that comes in an all-in-one package made for energetic people with a taste for life!"

* (excluding batteries and SD memory card)

< Main Features >
Ultra-portable 1.92 effective megapixel CMOS sensor with bright fixed focus lens
The Caplio RR211 is a stylishly lightweight (approximately 110 grams without batteries and SD memory card) compact digital camera that comes equipped with a 1.92 effective megapixel CMOS sensor which can capture beautiful images of up to 1600x1200 pixels in size. It also features an extremely bright f2.8 fixed focus lens that allows users to freely "point and shoot" at their subjects without the timely fuss of finding the right focal point.

4x digital zoom, USB interface with battery-saving functionality and creative software
With a versatile 4x digital zoom, the Caplio RR211 gives photographers the ability to pinpoint on minute details using its vivid 1.5-inch, 60,000 pixel high-resolution translucent amorphous TFT LCD monitor. Images can easily be printed on a home computer using one of two different compression settings; Fine or Normal. Take advantage of Ricoh's smart, energy-efficient software that draws upon the power of the PC rather than the batteries contained in the digital camera when uploading via USB cable and then share pictures with friends and family via e-mail.

Caplio RR211's enjoyable photo re-touch PC software lets one's imagination run wild by creatively cropping, trimming, flipping, duplicating and rotating images taken. Newly added is panorama creation tool that consumers will find popular for certain instances.

Fully featured along with movie making capabilities
The Caplio RR211 is a digital camera that is simply a pleasure to use. It comes loaded with great features such as a 10-second delay self-timer, a strong built-in flash effective to 8 feet along with red-eye reduction and 4 white balance settings. A 40~50cm macro is a handy option for close-ups of flowers and other more detailed objects.

A huge plus on the Caplio RR211 is the ability to shoot short AVI movie clips. Up to 46 seconds worth of video can be captured on its internal 8MBs of memory and depending on the compression and resolutions selected, storing hundreds of JPEG images and over 49 minutes of video is possible when using optional SDTM memory or MultiMedia cards of up to 256MB.

Delightful simplicity
Another bright point to the Caplio RR211 is its user-friendly menu controller that makes it easy to switch quickly from one mode to another. "Quick View" is another helpful feature that allows the photographer to preview the most recent images captured, instantly revealing if the shot came out as intended. The Caplio RR211 is a delightfully simple digital camera that's designed and destined to be taken everywhere. It suits almost any personality, occasion and best of all; it's very comfortable on the wallet.

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