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The DIWA Awards logo. Courtesy of DIWA. European websites unveil DIWA awards
(Monday, November 10, 2003 - 14:36 EST)

Our friends from a number of European websites have announced that they have formed an alliance called the "Digital Imaging Websites Association".

Aimed at "[identifying] excellence in digital imaging products, including cameras, photo printers, scanners, accessories and software", DIWA will give awards to products that member sites feel worthy of merit. The first DIWA award is apparently planned to be given in the next few weeks.

DIWA member sites include:

Original Source Press Release:


Introducing: the Digital Imaging Websites Association (DIWA), a new and independent international organisation comprised of experienced, professional, online publications.

Identifying and rewarding product excellence

DIWA's purpose is to identify excellence in digital imaging products, including cameras, photo printers, scanners, accessories and software. DIWA awards marks of excellence for selected products that have shown their superiority through rigorous, standardised, testing procedures. These awards are designed to give consumers complete confidence in making the best digital imaging choices for their needs.

Fundamental differences

Two fundamental differences mark DIWA from other awards organisations. Firstly, DIWA doesn't restrict itself to a single annual meeting to choose award winners. Un-restrained by the traditional print medium, DIWA is a dynamic association that can keep up with the brisk pace of industry developments and issue timely awards throughout year. Secondly, DIWA awards are decided through a detailed and standardised testing process undertaken by each member website.

Once a year exclusive annual awards will also be made, celebrating the very best of the products to have won awards earlier in the preceding twelve months.

Rigorous standardised testing

Only products repeatedly tested by different DIWA members are eligible for awards. Multiple testing by different testers addresses issues of sample variability and isolated testing errors. DIWA awards are set to be the most trusted and authoritative independent awards in the industry, valued by manufacturers and consumers alike.


DIWA commences with member sites in Norway (www.digit.no), Poland (www.fotopolis.pl), Spain (www.nuevafotografia.com), The Netherlands (www.letsgodigital.org), The United Kingdom (www.dp-now.com and www.photo-i.co.uk), and Turkey (www.diginorm.com). In its first year, DIWA aims to encompass all the main countries of Europe and also welcome members from other parts of the world.

The first official DIWA award will be revealed in the next few weeks, coinciding with the formal launch of the DIWA website. The DIWA home page is at http://www.diwa-awards.com

If you would like to contact us, please email [email protected]

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