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Nikon's D2H digital camera. Courtesy of Nikon, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Nikon: Major updates in new D2H firmware
(Tuesday, July 20, 2004 - 15:30 EDT)

Nikon USA has today released a new version of firmware for its D2H professional digital SLR that the company says offers improved performance, with a whopping list of some 20 changes from the previous version.

The Nikon D2H Firmware Update 2.0.0, already covered in an in-depth review by our good friend Rob Galbraith on his Digital Photography Insights website, includes the following changes (items which we consider key changes are marked in italic):
  1. Autofocus performance has been improved.
  2. Auto white balance performance has been improved.
  3. A new option, FPS rate + AF, has been added to CSM MENU a1 AF-C mode priority.
  4. Focus area display in Group dynamic-AF mode has been changed.
  5. The label for CSM MENU a3 has been changed from Group dynamic AF to Pattern selection in Group Dynamic AF. The options available for this setting have also been changed.
  6. A new custom setting has been added to the CSM MENU; a4 Disable Lock-On.
  7. Numbering of some custom settings displayed in the CSM MENU has been changed.
  8. The labels for some CSM MENU a8 Vertical AF-ON (previously custom setting a7) options have been changed.
  9. A File name setting has been added to the SHOOTING MENU. This setting allows the user to change the first three characters in image file names.
  10. The camera now supports CompactFlash™ memory cards with a capacity greater than 4GB.
  11. Support for Exif version 2.21
  12. The ICC profile will not be embedded in JPEG images.
  13. Support for Exif version 2.21 means that a portion of file names for images captured with II (AdobeRGB) selected from the SHOOTING MENU's Color mode setting has been changed.

    e.g. Image file names recorded as "DSC_0001.jpg" with the old firmware are now recorded as "_DSC0001.jpg".
  14. Image sensitivity has been added to general Exif tag information. This makes it possible to verify image sensitivity with software such as PictureProject, Nikon View, Nikon Capture or other such applications from which shooting data can be displayed.
  15. A problem which caused the frame rate with continuous shooting to decrease, even when sensitivity was not controlled automatically with ISO auto turned On from CSM MENU b1 ISO auto, has been corrected.

    With the new firmware, frame rate with continuous shooting decreases only when sensitivity is controlled automatically. However, even with a continuous shooting mode of Ch applied, images can be captured at a rate of approximately 7 frames per second.
  16. The calculation method for image histogram display has been changed.
  17. A portion of the electronic analog exposure display differs when exposure compensation is applied.
  18. Some changes have been made to the method in which image display is enlarged with playback zoom.
  19. The image playback zoom ratio has been increased. The image display can be enlarged up to 30 X (for large size images) or up to 23 X (for medium size images) with playback zoom.
  20. A limit has been set for the number of times the shutter can be continuously released when no memory card is inserted in the camera. The limit is the same number as that selected for CSM MENU d2 C-Mode max. shots.
The new firmware can be downloaded from Nikon's website, along with an addendum to the Nikon D2H manual in PDF format. Be sure to follow Nikon's instructions for updating the firmware carefully, and in particular note that the firmware should not be installed from a Microdrive, and should be installed using the AC adapter or a fully charged battery.

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