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Nikon's logo. Click here to visit the Nikon website! Nikon updates Picture Project
(Monday, April 11, 2005 - 08:50 EDT)

Nikon USA has updated its Picture Project software for Macintosh and Windows computers to version 1.5.1, according to the company's support website.

The company doesn't actually list what's new in the software, simply stating:
There are many features, improvements and fixes in version 1.5.1. All users of Picture Project are encouraged to upgrade to this version.
According to Nikon Asia, which began offering the new version a month ago, there are quite a few changes. We would presume the change list is similar for the Nikon USA version...:
  • With a white balance set to Direct sunlight or Fluorescent using Nikon Capture 4 Ver.4.2.1 for images captured with the D2X, color differs when these pictures are saved in NEF format and opened in PictureProject 1.5.0. This fault has been corrected.
  • Support for RAW images captured with the D2Hs was added.
  • Pictures recorded to CD or DVD using the Burn CD/DVD function in PictureProject version 1.5 or later can now be viewed directly from the CD or DVD without importing them.
  • Options that allow you to align text and set page background color were added to the Design mode Properties palette.
  • In Organize, Edit, and Design modes, you can now choose whether buttons (icons) in the toolbar are large or small, as well as whether or not the accompanying text is displayed.
  • When the full Organize, Edit, or Design mode toolbar is longer than the window, you can now display a menu listing hidden buttons.
  • Palettes in Organize, Edit, and Design modes can now be re-ordered. Size of the Properties palette in Organize mode can also be adjusted.
  • You can now change picture names and file names with transfer using PictureProject Transfer.
  • The buttons used for selecting pictures for transfer were changed from text buttons to icon buttons.
  • A Rename Photos tab has been added to the Transfer Options dialog displayed when the Options button in the Import Assistant (File>Import Assistant) and Importing photos and movies (File>Import) dialogs.
  • When PictureProject automatically launches after pictures have been cataloged with the Import Assistant, the contents of the folder are now displayed with selection of the top-level directory for the Last Import.
  • The status bar in Organize mode now displays the number of selected pictures, the number of pictures displayed, and the total number of pictures.
  • The Apply Changes option was removed from the File menu.
  • The Backup option in the Burn CD/DVD dialog was changed to the Original Photos option in the Burn as pop-up menu.
  • The muvee function* was added. (Windows only)
    *This function automatically creates music videos and music slide shows.
  • The compatible OS for using the Burn CD/DVD function was changed to Mac OS X version 10.2.8 or later. (Macintosh only)

Both Windows and Macintosh versions of the update can be downloaded from Nikon's website.

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