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August POTD Winners Chosen!
(Friday, September 9, 2005 - 13:50 EDT)

"Focused," "Waiting," and "Dominic" were chosen as August's Photo of the Day contest winners. Congratulations to Alexander Mendenilla, Imrana Kapetanovic, and KHUONG.

Well, yet another batch of images have been gone over and our favorites picked. It is sometimes easy, and sometimes really tough to pick the top three; but somehow it has to be done. Usually, our first place winner really stands out, and that was the case this month as well.

Without further ado, here are the three top winners for the month of August, 2005, along with some of the thinking that went into their selection:

First Place
Focused, by Alexander Mendenilla
(Alexander won a Kodak EasyShare digital camera)

"Focused" has both motion and stillness at the same time. A good portrait often shows the portrayed in their environment, but somewhat isolated from it, either by background blur, surrounding objects, or in this case by motion blur. The item blurred is most likely a foamy wave, which suggests this is a bird that likes to hang out in the surf. So not only does the surrounding look interesting, it tells of the subject. It's always interesting to see wildlife in its setting, but most photographers would have had their cameras set to a higher shutter speed to freeze birds in flight. Setting a slow shutter speed to let the waves blur in the background was the forethought that made this a great photograph.

Second Place
Waiting, by Imrana Kapetanovic
(Imrana won a Lexar 512MB memory card, in the format of her choice, and a copy of E-Book Systems FlipAlbum Pro.)

One wonders. This is a photograph that makes good use of the black and white medium. Black and white photographs are often compelling because of what they leave out. This photo is an example of an image that is interesting because of what is left out. Why is the man waiting? What is he waiting for? And where is he? Here in what looks like it could be a home, there are 12 palates stacked up. Why? The unique window design at the top makes one think of a church or mosque; regardless, it makes the image more intriguing. It's a nice study in light, done with a digital camera's black and white mode (or perhaps converted later). She could have made an interesting photograph by getting in closer to the subject, but I'm not sure it would have had as much impact as it now does with all that blackness surrounding the subject. It makes you think.

Third Place
Dominic, by KHUONG
(KHUONG won a copy of E-Book Systems' FlipAlbum Suite)

While dune shots, footprints, and people in triangular hats are somewhat cliché, it's rare to see them come together, and nice to see someone think about how they frame or crop a shot. Including the shadow in this shot gives it not only more interest, but gives the subject somewhere to look. Knowing dunes as I do, it could be that the subject is looking at more dunes off into the distance. The subject is carrying something, which has been set down for a rest; it's clearly carried on the shoulders, perhaps with a yoke between, or there'd be signs of dragging in the sand. The shadow in the foreground as well as the length of the shadows suggests the day is wearing on, and this person should get home soon. I also love the texture shown by the long shadows. The photographer used a 200mm lens and shot at f/11 which helped keep the footprints and sand waves in the background in sharp focus. It seems like I could reach out and touch those waves in the sand through the glass of my monitor. I really like this shot.

There you have it: 31 splendid Photos of the Day, with 3 exceptional ones capturing top honors. - So what are you waiting for? That could be your photo up there this time next month! Dig through your digital shoe boxes, pick your best and join the fun!

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