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Fujifilm's FinePix S3 Pro digital camera. Courtesy of Fujifilm, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Fujifilm drops S3 Pro pricing,
(Saturday, October 8, 2005 - 14:38 EDT)

A press release today from Fuji Photo Film U.S.A. Inc. has announced an adjustment in pricing for its FinePix S3 Pro digital SLR, a model we recently reviewed and called "unquestionably without equal anywhere in the digital camera market ... [when] it comes to preserving difficult highlights without disturbing the tonality or color rendition of the rest of the image".

First announced on February 5th 2004, the camera began shipping at the end of the year with a minimum advertised price (MAP) of US$2499. The S3 Pro features a SuperCCD SR II image sensor that delivers an image resolution of 6.17 megapixels (effective) with an extended dynamic range, coupled with a Nikon F mount.

Today's announcement sees the price drop by 20% ($500) to $1999. An added purchase incentive between October 1st 2005 and November 30th 2005 is the bundling of RealViz's Stitcher 4.0 panorama stitching software, as well as an extra FinePix S3 Pro battery tray, battery charger and a flexible, white balance card. Fujifilm is listing the value of these items together as $400.

At the same time, Fujifilm has also announced that its corporate website now offers RSS feeds, for those wishing to stay up to date on the latest announcements and promotions from the company.

Original Source Press Release:

Fujifilm U.S.A. Announces FinePix S3 Pro Price Reduction and Promotion

A good thing is now even better.

Fujifilm's FinePix S3 Pro, the wedding and portrait photographers' camera of choice, is now available at a reduced price of $1999.

In addition, professional photographers purchasing a FinePix S3 Pro* between October 1, 2005 and November 30, 2005, can also receive a FinePix S3 Pro Power Promotion package worth $400.

The highlight of this free package is Stitcher 4.0 from RealViz, a software program for the PC that gives professional photographers the power to create panoramas from individual photos in just a few mouse clicks. Other items in the FinePix S3 Pro Power Promotion package include an extra FinePix S3 Pro battery tray, a battery charger and a flexible, white balance card for easy and accurate camera calibration.

Promotion details can be found at http://www.Fujifilm.com/S3PowerPromo .

The FinePix S3 Pro is a professional digital SLR camera from Fujifilm. It is a favorite of discerning wedding and portrait photographers due for its accurate color rendition and exceptional dynamic range capabilities. Those that want to learn more about what makes the FinePix S3 Pro a truly special camera should visit http://www.Fujifilm.com/FinePixS3Pro .

*Fujifilm U.S.A. warranted serial number required for promotion eligibility

Fujifilm U.S.A. Launches RSS Feed

Fujifilm U.S.A. has joined the growing list of companies offering news and information updates via RSS.

Those that wish to receive information directly from Fujifilm U.S.A. can subscribe to the feed via links on the company's Web site: http://www.Fujifilm.com .

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