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ROXIO.JPG Roxio Releases Toast 7.0.2 Update
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Wednesday, December 21, 2005 - 13:55 EST)

The venerable Mac OS X CD/DVD software package gets an update to three components.

Roxio has updated its $99.95 CD/DVD burning software package for Mac OS X with Toast Titanium 7.0.2, CD Spin Doctor 3.0.2 and Motion Pictures 2.1.1. The new release prompts for a re-burn during disc spanning after a single disc failure, correctly burns iMovie 5 projects with chapter markers, correctly displays iTunes playlists and iPhoto albums in folder, supports MPEG-4 and H.264 for iPod video and more.

The update can be downloaded from the Roxio site.

From the Release Notes:

Toast Titanium v7.0.2:
  • Disc spanning now prompts to re-burn if a failure or error occurs while burning a single disc.
  • Includes Roxio Restore v1.0.2 which resolves an issue related to not finding the index file during restore. This version is automatically added to the Application Support/Roxio folder on your hard disk when you run Toast. All existing spanned discs will detect and use this newer version during the restore process.
  • Canceling burning while disc spanning now prompts for confirmation.
  • iMovie 5 projects with chapter markers are now correctly burned to DVD.
  • Media Browser now correctly displays iTunes playlists and iPhoto albums stored in Folders.
  • Media Browser now correctly displays titles and chapters from CPRM protected DVD-VR discs.
  • Video Export now properly supports MPEG4 and H.264 for iPod video.
  • Resolves crashes decoding and exporting DivX video files and exporting for PlayStation Portable.
  • Audio Export now properly supports MP4 for PlayStation Portable.
  • Audio Export OGG and FLAC options are now properly enabled.
  • "Toast It" desktop burning menu now correctly sends VIDEO_TS folders to the proper disc format.
  • "No Menu" style option now works correctly for Music DVDs.
  • Auto-play and continuous play options now work correctly for DVDs with a single image or single music track.
  • GIFs and TIFFs now correctly work as background images for data discs.
  • Resolves crashes that occur while moving or deleting files during the burn process.
  • Resolves an issue where burning multiple copies of a DVD would not complete correctly.
  • Displaying the recording sheet is no longer delayed if media is inserted while the record button is pressed.
  • The project estimation gauge is now more accurate for dual-layer media.
  • Resolves an issue where menus could become disabled if the screen saver activates while burning a disc.
  • Includes Deja Vu backup scheduler v3.2.1 which resolves numerous issues (see http://www.propagandaprod.com/releasenotes.html for details). Deja Vu is installed by the Toast Setup Assistant which runs the first time you launch Toast and can also be selected from the Help menu.
  • A "More DVD Menu Styles" link has been added to Help menu.
CD Spin Doctor v3.0.2:
  • Resolves an issue where auto-define tracks would incorrectly detect splits.
  • Desktop recording widget can now be installed directly from the New Recording dialog.
  • Resolves an issue with crashes when playing back 192 kHz/24 bit audio files.
  • Resolves an issue from crashing due to rapid starting and stopping of audio playback.
Motion Pictures v2.1.1:
  • Auto-rotate now correctly works with motion presets and when new pictures added.
  • Motion editing rectangles now properly support portrait images.
  • Group layouts now properly support portrait images.
  • Rendered video now properly falls within TV-safe areas.
  • Podcasts are now filtered out of audio list.
  • Full screen preview and motion preview correctly revert back to main window when finished.
  • Full screen preview is now blocked while encoding.
  • Includes correct Help files for English, French, German and Japanese.

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