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Kodak's logo. Click here to visit the Kodak website! Kodak releases EasyShare Software v6.0
(Friday, May 19, 2006 - 11:20 EDT)

We told you it was coming, and now it's here with a completely overhauled interface - Kodak's EasyShare software version 6.0.

Kodak has today released the latest version of its EasyShare software, which we first mentioned back on April 25th. Kodak EasyShare Software v6.0 overhauls the user interface and increases performance, and is now available for users of Windows 2000 and XP to download free of charge. The installer is approximately 30MB in size.

Courtesy of Kodak, the following is a list of new features in v6.0:
  • Pictures-first user interface: Your pictures are the star of the show, and your screen is no longer cluttered with controls that distract from your viewing experience.
  • New look and feel: EasyShare software now has a brand new design that's easy on the eyes while retaining our trademark ease of use.
    • Full view with quick navigation bar
    • UI personalization
    • Streamlined thumbnail view
    • Dynamic icons
    • Embedded video viewing
    • Picture CD tab
  • The Creative Projects tab now features a photo card printing feature that lets you turn your pictures into 4 x 6 cards, including party invitations, holiday cards and more.
  • Getting your best pictures online couldn't be easier with album sync. Simply mark the albums you want to keep on Kodak EasyShare Gallery, and the software will automatically create a synchronized copy online. If you make changes, we keep track for you and update your collection.
  • The software watches the file system for changes to your collection. You won't have problems finding lost pictures again. You can rename files, reorganize directories and make other changes to your pictures organization. The software will keep track for you.
  • New calendar view makes it easy to find pictures taken by day or month.
  • Automatically print better, brighter pictures time after time with Kodak Perfect Touch technology and a Kodak EasyShare printer.

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