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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

PRESS RELEASE: Livebooks Introduces "Wedding Platinum And Gold" Website Packages Simplifying The Creation Of Media-Rich Photography Websites

San Francisco, CA. - March 26, 2007 - liveBooks, Inc., the leading provider of fully editable website solutions for professional photographers, has announced it will begin providing two new website packages created specifically for the needs of wedding photographers. These new packages -- liveBooks Wedding Platinum and liveBooks Wedding Gold -- will enable wedding photographers to transform their websites into compelling multi-media presentations that capture the imagination and hearts of potential clients.

Delivering an engaging rich-media site is an effective way to create an emotional connection with potential clients is a great way to deliver a complete emotional experience. In the past this has been accomplished by hiring a web designer. Now with liveBooks Wedding Platinum and Wedding Gold photographers are empowered to create and control this experience in an easy-to-use environment. Both Wedding Platinum and Wedding Gold include custom design time with the liveBooks design team, the ability to upload slideshows, movies, and music, a selection of background graphics, an information request form, as well as the ability to link to third party services such as blogs and print fulfillment suppliers. The new packages also include the liveBooks editSuite, a revolutionary web-based editing software that gives photographers complete creative control over all the content on their website through a series of intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces. All these features combine to provide wedding photographers with a simple and intuitive way to take their web presence to the next level.

Why is a media-rich website so crucial to the wedding photographer? Today's brides are selecting their vendors online. Securing a wedding photographer is a very personal and emotional decision, and for many potential clients the website is the first and possibly last place they will visit to select their photographer. Therefore, having a professionally designed, up-to-date website that clearly communicates your creative vision is a base requirement to be a successful wedding photographer. The new liveBooks packages deliver on these requirements and more, giving photographers a distinct advantage over their competition, and a leg up on the future.

"The wedding photography market is very competitive, to under estimate the value of having a website design that sets you apart from the competition is a big mistake," says Jay Sandifer, wedding photographer and liveBooks wedding marketing and development manager. "Combining the custom design delivered by the liveBooks design along with the power of the liveBooks editSuite means that photographers can clearly communicate their unique style and personality with the ability to fully control the content keeping it fresh on a daily basis."

liveBooks Wedding Package Features and Pricing
In the wedding market, where brides, not professional photo buyers are the decision makers, setting yourself apart from the competition by showcasing your personality through your website, as well as your images, is the key to success. The following new features, created based on our research and insight into the fast evolving wedding photography market, enable our clients to achieve the distinction they are looking for.

A Customized Website
Included in both packages is the ability to deliver specific design input to the liveBooks design team as well as a design comp review on a temporary url, and a final revision with the liveBooks design team. Through this process the design team works together with the photographer to create a professional design identity for the website that incorporates the clients existing graphic identity, or together they create something entirely new. The end result is a unique website for each client in a process that ensures the client is completely satisfied with their new site design before it goes live.

Slideshow and Movie upload
The ability to easily upload movies and choreographed slideshow presentations enables wedding photographers to transform a simple portfolio website into a compelling multi-media experience. Wedding photographers commonly create slideshows for their clients that they host on FTP sites but incorporating them into their site is a new way to enhance their online presence. Taking it one step further, the photographer can choose to upload movies introducing themselves and their philosophies giving them a way to personally connect to their clients prior to ever meeting in person or on the phone.

Used together, the slideshow and movie upload features empower photographers with the tools they need to capture the imagination and trust of potential clients before they even meet them.

Adding music to a website can set a mood for the site but to truly create an emotional reaction a photographer needs to upload different tracks for different parts of the site. For example, one might want to upload a sentimental track to accompany a portfolio of wedding images, and an energetic track to accompany the reception party photos. The liveBooks editSuite empowers photographers with this level of creative control over the music on their site.

Blogs & Print Service Providers
Most wedding photographers have a blog in order to communicate the latest news to their clients. In addition, it is common for photographers to have an existing relationship with a web based proof review and print fulfillment provider. The liveBooks Platinum package includes the ability to link to both an external blog and a third part provider while the Wedding Gold includes one of these two links as standard with the option to upgrade to include two links.

These new features and the creative control of the editSuite, all synergistically combine to deliver both an incredible value, and the exceptional online experience that today's wedding photographers need to connect with their market and take their business to the next level.

liveBooks Wedding Platinum includes seven portfolios with an image size of 920 pixels wide with hide/reveal navigation. This package comes standard with five menu item pages and two additional menu items that can be used to link to external sites such as a blog and a print fulfillment provider as well as a selection of background graphics, an information request form and as described above the ability to upload movies, slideshows, and music.

liveBooks Wedding Gold includes three portfolios with an image size of 750 pixels wide along with persistent navigation. This package includes two menu item pages and one additional menu item that can be used to link to external sites as well as a selection of background graphics, an information request form and as described above the ability to upload movies, slideshows, and music.

liveBooks Wedding Platinum and Gold packages are sold as a one-time, non-recurring fee and are $3,300 and $2,100, respectively. All liveBooks websites are hosted by liveBooks at their state-of-the-art server farm for an annual hosting fee of $90 a year or $7.50 a month. For more detailed information, visit livebooks.com to download the Wedding Product Comparison document available in the "Products Overview and Pricing" Section.

About liveBooks, Inc.
liveBooks, Inc is the leader in providing fully-editable customized website creation and management solutions along with innovative online tools that empower professional photographers to grow their businesses. As creative professionals ourselves, we understand the passion behind our customers' work and their needs to easily upload, edit, market, send and sell their images in a simple and streamlined way. liveBooks is committed to pioneering new ways to help photographers efficiently translate their work into effective online experiences that increase their exposure and connect their creative vision with the world at large.

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(First posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2007 at 16:03 EDT)

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