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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

PRESS RELEASE: FotoInsight challenges Photo Book newcomers, printing a photo booklet for free

In time for Father's day, the Cambridge company is promising every new user a free photo booklet print in an attempt to showcase its software which it claims can produce a photo book in three minutes.

(pressebox) Cambridge, 29.05.2007 - Cambridge, UK. 29 May 2007 - Printing photo books from digital images is arguably the fastest growing product in the photo processing industry. In view of the popularity of photo books in the USA and Europe it is surprising that they still live a niche existence in Britain. One of the self proclaimed European leaders in personal photo book printing, the Cambridge company FotoInsight Limited is offering a £5.99 photo booklet print for free to showcase its quality as a trial offer to new customers of the Photobook service at http://fotoinsight.co.uk/ (through an £8 voucher the remaining cost including delivery is £1.79).

In the year 2006 over 3 Million individual photo books and photo calendars have been printed by photo labs and printers world wide. Andrew White, Internet Sales Manager at FotoInsight production partner, explains: "We are a little bit behind Germany and France, where photobooks are huge. You only have to show somebody one, though and they immediately want to know how to do it. Therefore this trial will be UK exclusive." FotoInsight hopes to provide the opportunity to trial its photo book editing software and experience the complete liberty in the positioning and layering of images, transparent texts, and choice of fonts offered by the Photobook Software.

A trial with a free printed photo booklet
Managing Director Klaas Brumann explains why FotoInsight is giving away a free photo booklet print: "We detected that one of the greatest barriers to ordering a photo book is that people expect it to be complicated. A common statement in most photo book reviews is how surprisingly easy it actually is. With the £8 voucher we want to give everyone the opportunity to test the software and printing quality." In comparison, a photo book is cheaper than photo prints. Conveniently, it is the time of the year, where such a trial print may serve as a very personal Father's Day photo gift.

In time for Father's Day
Photo gifts for Father's Day are left late and less is being spent than on Mother's Day. With Father's spending a growing amount of time with their children this may change. To express appreciation for all Dad has to offer it is good to ask him what he was like growing up and what made him who he is today; asking him about his work - his expertise can be unexpectedly valuable; joining Dad in pursuit of his interests and hobbies. The FotoInsight Managing Director and father of two, Klaas Brumann states: "If photographs of great father-child-events like a ball game, building a tool shed, or an adventure holiday are available, those moments are worth to be immortalised in a printed photo book or booklet. And we are proud to printed photo booklets this within reach of ever digital camera user."

After applying online through a pop-up window £8 voucher will. A FotoInsight photo booklet contains 26 pages (plus editable cover), each 14 cm wide and 13 cm high (5"x5.5") worth £5.99. P&p is £3.80, the final cost of a 26 page booklet to the consumer after applying the voucher is £1.79. The voucher is time limited has no alternative cash value. The CeWe Photo Book software is available for download from http://fotoinsigth.co.uk/book.

FotoInsight in Europe:
FotoInsight Deutschland: http://fotobuch.fotoinsight.de
FotoInsight en français: http://livre.fotoinsight.eu
FotoInsight Österreich: http://cewe.fotoinsight.at
FotoInsight España: http://libro.fotoinsight.es
FotoInsight Italia http://libro.fotoinsight.it
FotoInsight France: http://fotoinsight.fr

About FotoInsight Limited
FotoInsight Ltd was founded in 2003 in Cambridge and runs an easy to use digital photo processing service, offering an extensive array of award-winning photographic print and gift items as well as the photobooks, photo posters, photographic calendars and photos on canvas printing. Customers benefit from patented development processes and the experience of Europe's largest independent photo lab with an installed capacity of 18 million prints per day. Photos ordered through http://fotoinsight.com are developed in one of 19 strategically located, state of the art photo labs, employing 3000 staff, with an output of over 3 billion prints per year.

(First posted on Tuesday, May 29, 2007 at 11:07 EDT)

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