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LightCrafts-logo.jpg Light Crafts Releases Releases LightZone 3.0.2
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Tuesday, June 12, 2007 - 10:43 EDT)

New Styles batch processing options, additions to metadata tags, Fuji S5 Raw support and more highlight the new release.

Maintaining the aggressive release schedule of previous version 2, Light Crafts has released version 3.0.2 of LightZone, its image editing software based on the Zone System that features non-destructive editing with a wealth of easily-applied styles.

While a lower-cost Basic version is in the works, only the Full version has been released. New in version 3.0.2 of that version are:

• Added new Styles Batch processing button, and application

• New version-size, and edit-size metadata, LightZone always edits in full size but maintains a version size as preview, or direct processing in other applications

• New Fuji S5 Raw support

• New convert to default preview (JPEG, or TIFF) with embedded LZN data, from standalone LZN

• New Select All, and Unselect all in pull down menu

• Added help screen at first start

• New sort by file-type

Improvements include:

• Improved re-light tool

• Improved color balance

• Improved highlight recovery in Raw

• Improved Canon 5D Raw support

Bugs fixed in the new release:

• Fixed metadata population (from camera), and editing

• Fixed rotation issues

• Fixed some drag & drop issues

• Fixed TIFF & JPEG preference behavior

• Fixed rating latency

• Fixed rating issues on Windows

• Fixed some Styles export, and import issues

• Fixed size of color calibration, and proofing selections
Downloads are available from the Download page.

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