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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

PRESS RELEASE: Digital Foci Introduces Pocket Album OLED Series Of Photo Viewers

Carry More than 3,000 of Your Favorite Photos Right in Your Pocket on High-Quality OLED Screens!

Los Angeles, CA, January 4, 2008 – Digital Foci, Inc. www.digitalfoci.com announced today that it will introduce the Pocket Album OLED Series of two new photo viewers at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held January 7-10, 2008 in Las Vegas. The Pocket Album OLED Series includes the “Pocket Album Deluxe OLED 2.8” with a 2.8-inch screen with wrist strap, holding more than 3,000 photos and the “Pocket Album OLED 1.5,” a digital keychain with a 1.5-inch screen holding 120 photos. Pocket Album OLED’s cutting edge OLED technology provides excellent display of images from almost any viewing angle. Both photo viewers let you carry your photo moments with you everywhere you go to view and share on high-quality OLED screens.

Photos can be viewed by scrolling manually or randomly through an automatic photo slideshow with adjustable intervals and multiple transition effects. The Pocket Album OLED Series includes user-friendly Photo Viewer software that makes it easy to convert images of various formats from your computer to the Pocket Album OLED photo viewers. You can crop and rotate any photos you wish to transfer and then automatically resize the photos for optimal storage and display on the viewers. Pocket Album OLED runs on Lithium-Polymer batteries that are easily recharged with the included AC adapter or with the USB cable by connecting it to your computer. The Pocket Album OLED Series also features a built-in clock with automatic on/off timer.

Pocket Album Deluxe OLED 2.8 Photo Viewer with Wrist Strap Holds More than 3,000 Photos!
The Pocket Album OLED 2.8 photo viewer features a 2.8-inch (320 x 240) Active Matrix OLED screen with an astounding contrast ratio of 10,000:1. The Pocket Album Deluxe OLED 2.8 holds over 3,000 digital photos with its internal flash memory (exact capacity TBD). You can browse your photos in Photo Thumbnail view and choose between displaying your photos full screen or 2 x 2. With its folder structure for photo management, you can even organize your photos into 5 different folders and select specific folders to playback. The Pocket Album Deluxe OLED 2.8 also works as an alarm clock and calendar.

Pocket Album OLED 1.5 Digital Keychain
The Pocket Album OLED 1.5 digital keychain photo viewer features a 1.5-inch (128 x 128) Passive Matrix OLED screen with high contrast ratio of 1000:1. With 32MB internal flash memory, Pocket Album OLED 1.5 can hold approximately 120 digital photos. The perfect sentimental gift, you can even preload precious photo moments on the Pocket Album OLED 1.5 to give to friends and family.

Pocket Album Deluxe OLED 2.8 Features:

  • 2.8” (320 x 240) Active Matrix OLED screen with contrast ratio of 10,000: 1.
  • Holds over 3,000 digital photos with internal flash memory.
  • Folder structure for organizing photos.
  • Also works as alarm clock and calendar.
  • Compact photo viewer with wrist strap.

Pocket Album OLED 1.5 Features:

  • 1.5” Passive Matrix OLED screen with contrast ratio of 1000:1.
  • Holds approximately 120 digital photos with 32MB internal flash memory.
  • Portable digital keychain.

Pocket Album OLED Series General Features:

  • Runs automatic photo slideshows with adjustable time intervals or scrolls photos manually.
  • Supports random photo playback.
  • Built-in clock with automatic on/off timer.
  • Runs on rechargeable battery rechargeable via the included AC adapter or with USB power by connecting it to your computer.
  • Photo Viewer Software included for converting images from your computer to Pocket Album OLED. The Photo Viewer Software lets you crop and rotate photos you wish to transfer, before automatically resizing them for optimal storage and display on the photo viewer.

The Pocket Album OLED 1.5 (PAO-150) is priced at $49.95 and Pocket Album Deluxe OLED 2.8 (PAD-280) is priced at $99.95. Both come with a USB cable, USB-AC adapter, Resource Disc, and User’s Guide and will be available in April 2008 at Digital Foci’s online store at www.digitalfoci.com.

About Digital Foci
Digital Foci helps consumers manage and enjoy their digital content collection easily. The company enhances people’s lives by allowing them to seamlessly move digital photos, video, and music from one place to another. With Digital Foci products, consumers are able to enjoy any of their digital content on any device without ever worrying about format compatibility. Digital Foci products include digital picture frames, photo displays, storage devices, and card readers for transfer, storage, and management optimized for any setting where you choose to enjoy your digital content.

Digital Foci (pronounced “foe-sigh”) is the plural form of the word “focus” and symbolizes the many distinct points where light and sound converge and diverge. It is at these digital focus points (or foci) where you view and share your digital pictures, watch your digital video, listen to your digital music, and access your digital files.

Pocket Album OLED Spec Sheet

Model no.



LCD display

1.5” Passive Matrix OLED

2.8” Active Matrix OLED

Screen resolution

128 x 128 pixels

320 x 240 pixels

Viewing area

1.5” diagonal (1.1” x 1.1”)

2.8” diagonal (2.3” x 1.7”)

Viewing angle

160 degrees horizontal & vertical

170 degrees horizontal & vertical

Brightness (cd/m2)

90 nits

200 nits

Contrast ratio

1000 : 1

10000 : 1

Internal memory

32 MB
(holds approximately 120 photos)

(holds over 3,000 photos)

Image format support

(Note: photos must be transferred via Photo Viewer Software)

Slideshow options

Manual slideshow & Auto slideshow

Photo display options

Full screen

Full screen, 3 x 3 thumbnail view, 2 x 2, calendar with photo

Random option


Multiple transition effects

Yes (5 effects)

Multiple folders


(5 folders for photo management)

Battery power

Built-in rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery
Rechargeable via USB or USB-AC power adapter

Battery life

Up to 4 hours

Up to 5 hours

On board clock


On board calendar



On/off timer


Auto off
(battery saving feature)


Computer interface

USB 1.1

OS compatibility

Windows Vista, XP Home/Pro, 2000
Mac OS 10.4


Photo Viewer Software for converting images

Package contents

Pocket Album OLED 1.5”, USB cable, USB-AC adapter, Easy-clip keychain, Resource Disc, User’s Guide

Pocket Album Deluxe OLED 2.8”, USB cable, USB-AC adapter, wrist strap, Resource Disc, User’s Guide

(First posted on Sunday, January 6, 2008 at 13:15 EST)

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