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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

pantouch-sm.jpg PRESS RELEASE: Pandigital Simplifies, Enriches Digital Photo Viewing with PanTouch Frames

New line of frames with patent-pending touch control technology debuts starting at $120; Frames optimize resolution -- up to 3200 images can fit on models with 512-MB memory; 10.4-inch model reaches new viewing heights with HD resolution

DUBLIN, Calif., April 2 -- Pandigital, the leader in the U.S. digital photo frame market, today debuts its new PanTouch line of digital photo frames that greatly simplifies and enriches the way customers enjoy their digital images.

The cornerstone of the new PanTouch line of frames is its user-friendly, touch-operation interface. Clear, convenient icons on the screen direct customers where to touch and swipe on the surrounding matte for completely intuitive control and access to digital images, MP3 music and video clips. Plus, the touch-operation matting resists fingerprints in the viewable area, so the frame always looks great.

PanTouch frames feature touch and slide motion controls, allowing customers to quickly and simply tap or swipe icons to access digital content and functionality. For example, photos can be viewed as if they were pages in a photo album with a convenient page turn effect by simply using a forward or backward swipe motion on the touch matte.

Pandigital has patents pending on the touch sensor that works through multiple mediums and on the page turn effect in its PanTouch line of frames.

"Our goal in designing the new PanTouch line of frames was to make them so simple to use that the consumer would never have to refer to a user manual," said Dean Finnegan, CEO and founder, Pandigital. "The new PanTouch user interface is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. It's the perfect complement to the frame's sophisticated, upscale look, incredible image quality and popular extra features such as ample internal memory, multimedia support and WiFi compatibility."

Each of the frames also comes with a remote control, so the frames can be controlled from a distance.

All PanTouch Models Boast Advanced Features for More Enjoyment

Pandigital's new PanTouch line is comprised of three models that all tout leading-edge multimedia features and innovative extras to deliver more value to customers. The frames utilize unique software that optimizes the image resolution of photos copied onto the internal memory, so more photos can be stored on a frame while maintaining excellent image quality.

In addition, Pandigital's new PanTouch line of frames are WiFi and Bluetooth-compatible, so consumers can simply insert their WiFi or Bluetooth adapter into the USB 2.0 port, then download photos to the frame via a WiFi connection from Google's photo sharing site, Picasa Web Albums. Also, customers can sync their Pandigital frame with a Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a mobile phone or PDA, to enjoy even more images.


Details on the three new frames follow:

• The Pandigital 7-inch PanTouch Digital Photo Frame has a 482x234 resolution and a widescreen 15:9 aspect ratio. It has 128-MB of internal memory and can store up to 800 images with the image optimization software. It has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $119.99.

• The Pandigital 8-inch PanTouch Digital Photo Frame has a 4:3 true photo resolution so it does not crop or distort images. As such, it displays photos in the most popular format for photo viewing and digital camera image capture. It has 512-MB of internal memory and can store up to 3,200 images with the image optimization software. It has a resolution of 800x680 and a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $169.99.

• The premiere model of the new line is the new Pandigital 10.4-inch PanTouch High Definition Digital Photo Frame, which will appeal to photo enthusiasts and those who want the ultimate in clarity and quality. With an incredibly clear 1024x768 HD resolution, customers can view their digital images in lifelike detail. Consumers who have purchased newer high resolution digital cameras can use this new frame to view their digital photos as intended. It has 512-MB of internal memory and can hold up to 2,000 photos with the image optimization software. It is sized in the popular 4:3 true photo aspect ratio and has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $249.99.

All three models feature a 6-in-1 memory card reader for accepting images from the most popular digital media. In addition, they include standard and mini USB 2.0 ports for a direct connection to a PC or digital camera. PanTouch frames are multimedia ready, enabling them to play MP3 music files to provide background music for a photo slide show. They can also play full motion video clips.

Additional features such as programmable on/off times, clock, calendar and alarm clock functions let customers enjoy their frames in even more ways. Images stored on the frame and rotated to the proper orientation will be saved that way for future viewing.

Pandigital's new PanTouch line of frames will be available in May at leading retailers across the United States.

Pandigital is the leading provider of digital photo frames in the United States according to IDC's August 2007 report on the digital frame market. The company has established a significant marketshare lead by developing well-designed, traditional looking frames that are simple and enjoyable to use.

Pandigital currently sells its Digital Photo Frames at more than 21,000 retail storefronts of a variety of retailers, including department stores and mass merchants, in addition to office supply and technology retailers. Pandigital frames are also available at many leading online and catalog retailers in the United States.

Full specifications for all three frames are available in the Spec Sheet.

(First posted on Wednesday, April 2, 2008 at 13:08 EDT)

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