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Olympus E-3 digital SLR. Copyright © 2009, The Imaging Resource. All rights reserved. Olympus E-3 firmware update v1.4
By Zig Weidelich, The Imaging Resource
(Thursday, April 9, 2009 - 15:25 EDT)

Olympus has posted firmware update v1.4, that the company says improves the AF operation of their flagship E-3 digital SLR. No further details are given.

Upgrade History

E-3 Firmware Ver1.3 has incorporated the following upgrades:

  • Added [FUNCTION] menu that switches the AF point using the arrow pad under [Custom Menu 1] [BUTTON/DIAL].
  • Enhanced the accuracy of the battery check when using the Power Battery Holder HLD-4.
  • Improved AF accuracy for large aperture lenses.
  • Improved sequential shooting speed when using C-AF.

E-3 Firmware Ver1.2 has incorporated the following upgrade:

  • Improved the consistency of the auto white balance.

E-3 Firmware Ver1.1 has incorporated the following upgrades:

  • Enabled use of the Image Stabilization function with non-Four Thirds System interchangeable lenses by inputting a specific focal length. For details on operations, please click on the URL.
  • Matched the rotation of the dial on the rear of the Power Battery Holder HLD-4 and the movement direction of the AF target.
  • Increased the number of storable still pictures by improving the battery check when the Power Battery Holder HLD-4 is attached.
  • Focusing now stops immediately when the AF start button (AEL/AFL or Fn button) is released.
  • Corrected the phenomenon where the flash control caused an under exposure while using bounce flash at short distances with the FL-50R or FL-36R Electronic Flash.
  • Improved selection and prioritization of the central 5 ranging points when shooting in C-AF mode and Dynamic-single Target mode.

The updates are available via Olympus software (Studio or Viewer). Click here for more info and instructions.

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