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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

PocketWizard's logo. Click here to visit the PocketWizard website! PRESS RELEASE: PocketWizard Announces MultiMAX Firmware Upgrade 7.5 for USB-enabled MultiMAX radios

Elmsford, NY – April 22, 2010 – PocketWizard today launched a major firmware upgrade for USB-enabled MultiMAX Transceivers. Firmware Version 7.5 for both FCC and CE MultiMAX radios is packed with new features and capabilities for serious pro shooters including Long Range Mode for remote camera triggering, Custom ID Move, Signal Strength Indicator and Radio Relay Mode.

Long Range Mode for remote camera triggering doubles the usable distance between two MultiMAX radios. This was found particularly useful by beta testers shooting in sports arenas, photographing wildlife and using it for other challenging remote camera applications such as aerial photography. Another new feature, Close Range Mode, reduces the transmit power of the MultiMAX radio when it is in Transmit mode. This new mode is useful if you have a receiver very close to your transmitter (within a few feet), such as on a basketball net, studio shoots, macro photography or table top product shoots.

The Noise Sniffer and Signal Strength Indicator are new tools for troubleshooting RF noise. The Noise Sniffer shows the ambient and peak radio noise for the channel and frequency displayed. The Signal Strength Indicator (Receive Only) performs two functions:

  • If a MultiMAX radio has NOT been triggered, it acts as a Noise Meter and indicates steady noise in the area.

  • If your radio has been triggered, the Signal Strength Indicator shows the strength of the last trigger received.

This is useful to gain a quick view of the local noise level in the area you intend to shoot in so you can pick a channel with less interfering noise.

PocketWizard MultiMAX Transceiver. Photo provided by LPA Design. Click for a bigger picture!

PocketWizard MultiMAX Transceiver.
Photo provided by LPA Design.

If these tools indicate excessive RF interference on your Custom ID’s frequency, you now have the option to Move your Custom ID to any PocketWizard frequency for better triggering in crowded shooting environments. What is a Custom ID? It is a private digital code that no one can trigger but you. It is offered as a premium service by PocketWizard. For more information on Custom ID’s contact PocketWizard at www.PocketWizard.com/contact/inquiry/.

Radio Relay (Repeater) Mode (Receive Only) allows you to add another MultiMAX radio to increase your range. It receives and transmits on the same channel. This new mode is valuable to extend the maximum range of a MultiMAX in any radio environment. If you are shooting in a RF noisy environment such as a sports arena and your current range is 200 feet, add another MultiMAX radio in Radio Relay Mode and gain another 200 feet. This mode is also helpful when shooting wildlife. If your current range is 800 feet because of trees and you would like to be a minimum of 2000 feet away from your subject, add two more MultiMAX radios to your system and increase your range.

These new features can be downloaded via the PocketWizard Utility version 1.18.9 to any USB-enabled MultiMAX radio and immediately put to use. PocketWizard Utility 1.18.9 can be downloaded from www.PocketWizard.com/support/downloads.

Team these new features up with the MultiMAX’s current list of trigger time control features such as Selective Quad-Triggering, Multi-Pop (Stroboscopic Effect), Rear Curtain Sync, Time-lapse imaging (Intervalometer), SpeedCycler and Auto-Relay Mode for the most advanced wireless triggering system available.

For a complete list of new and existing MultiMAX features and functions visit www.PocketWizard.com/products/transmitter_receiver/multimax/ or download the latest manual at www.PocketWizard.com/support/manual/.

Note: Older MultiMAX radios that do not have a USB port will continue to work as part of the MultiMAX system. The older non-USB radios cannot get the new features, but will still perform their original functions normally when paired with USB-enabled radios.

For more information on this firmware upgrade, please visit www.PocketWizard.com. PocketWizard, the leader in wireless control and synchronization of cameras, flash lighting and light meters, is made by LPA Design based in South Burlington, Vermont and sold by MAC Group in the USA and authorized distributors around the world.


(First posted on Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 19:03 EDT)

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