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E-Color's logo. Click here to visit the E-Color website! E-Color user base sees rapid growth!
(Friday, May 4, 2001 - 20:40 EDT)

30+ million users expected by 2003...

E-Color Inc., whose server-side color correction technology provides a way to ensure that what customers see on-screen is what arrives when they order, has today distributed a press release noting that the base of consumers who've calibrated their displays with the service is growing at the rate of 1+ million per month. The company predicts that in 2003, it will have reached at least 32 million consumers using the technology. (The number of current E-Color corrected consumers is not disclosed in the release, however assuming that the estimate above is based on sustaining the current growth rate, the figure could be up to 12 million customers).

E-Color's technology is currently used by companies such as Bloomingdales and Venus Swimwear. Consumers can tell whether a site is color-corrected by looking for an icon on their browser's status bar, similar to how you would tell whether or not a site uses a secure server. The company claims that consumers who are confident that they're seeing the correct colors of products are more likely to purchase them, and less likely to return them upon receipt...

Source: E-Color Inc.

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Consumers Embrace E-Color as the Standard for "Color You Can Trust"

San Francisco (May 7, 2001) - E-Color, the standard for the delivery of color you can trust on the Web, announced today that its network of E-Color Corrected consumers is increasing at a rate of one million per month; reinforcing E-Color as the fundamental merchandising technology for major retailers. E-Color Corrected consumers can shop with confidence on web sites in the home furnishings, beauty and apparel categories.

"When shopping for goods and services, or enjoying Web content, trustworthy color is one of the key sensory factors influencing a successful online experience," said Kevin Noonan, vice president of Internet and Media Research at Yankee Group. "E-Color allows this to happen, and e-tailers have a solution for providing true color to better entice their shoppers into actually making purchases online."

With an accelerated growth rate now exceeding one million per month, consumers have acknowledged that trusting color online is a basic issue for the Web shopping experience. At the current rate of adoption, E-Color will have reached at least 32 million consumers in 2003, conclusively positioning E-Color as the standard for trustworthy color on the Web.

"Consumers have clearly indicated that the issue of image trust is a priority," said Bill Hilliard, president and CEO of E-Color. "By enabling millions of consumers to experience trustworthy product images, E-Color provides web shoppers with the confidence they need to press the 'buy' button on e-commerce sites."

For more information regarding E-Color, visit www.ecolor.com or for an online demonstration, go to www.demo.ecolor.com.

About E-Color, Inc.

E-Color delivers fundamental merchandising technology proven to increase revenues through the accelerated delivery of color you can trust. E-Color's services and technology enable e-commerce sites to increase conversion and retention rates by improving image and brand consistency. Leading retail sites, including bloomingdales.com and Venus Swimwear as well as prominent partners such as Akamai and Organic, have recognized the benefits from E-Color's easy-to-use solution through increased online transactions and customer satisfaction. Additionally, E-Color reaches consumers through its longstanding relationships with manufacturers of PCs, monitors, graphics cards, and peripherals, including Compaq, Samsung and ViewSonic. For more information, visit www.ecolor.com. Note: E-Color is spelled with a capital E, hyphen, capital C.
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E-Color, the E-Color logo, Color You Can Trust, E-Color Corrected and True Internet Color are either registered trademarks or trademarks of E-Color Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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