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Ricoh, ActivePhoto ally on wireless imaging!
(Monday, May 7, 2001 - 16:12 EDT)

Japanese office automation and imaging company and wireless imaging company to cooperate...

Ricoh Corp. and ActivePhoto have today jointly announced an alliance which will see Ricoh's RDC-i700 digital camera working with ActivePhoto's wireless imaging service. ActivePhoto will also offer the camera in a bundle with its service to prospective customers.

For full details, see the press release below...

Source: Ricoh Corp.

Original Source Press Release:

Ricoh, ActivePhoto Enable Wireless Internet Imaging and Collaboration for Mobile Professionals

ActivePhoto Becomes Ricoh's Commercial Image Destination and Solutions Reseller for Wireless, Web-enabled Digital Cameras

WEST CALDWELL, N.J., May 7, 2001 -- The Ricoh(tm) Digital Camera Division and ActivePhoto today announced an alliance to create an "instant visual communications" productivity channel for mobile professionals and in-the-field photographers. Based on the groundbreaking Ricoh RDC-i700(tm) digital camera and communications tool, the alliance provides a fast, wireless infrastructure to transmit images directly from the field to a secure account on the ActivePhoto website. ActivePhoto's commercial photo destination provides tools for intelligent image management, viewing, reporting, collaboration and archiving.

By increasing productivity, the end-to-end solution creates dramatic cost and time savings compared with traditional image-related workflow processes. It is ideal for vertical markets such as insurance, transportation, retail, hospitality, real estate and construction. Users add notes, captions and critical contextual data on the camera and then send their images instantly, from the field to ActivePhoto's secure website, using Ricoh's single-click QuickSend feature.

"ActivePhoto adds incredible value to the RDC-i700, enabling commercial customers to streamline and expedite in-the-field processes," said Jeff Lengyel, wireless imaging manager of the Ricoh Digital Camera Division. "It lets users take full advantage of high-speed wireless connections without the anchor of a notebook computer, making instant Internet imaging and collaboration possible anytime, from anywhere. ActivePhoto's field-tested wireless systems are revolutionizing the way people do business."

"Ricoh's innovative RDC-i700 opens a world of possibilities for professionals in vertical industries like insurance, transportation, construction and real estate," added Tom Riley, CEO of ActivePhoto. "By combining our complementary value-added service with Ricoh's state-of-the-art commercial camera, we help users increase efficiency, accelerate workflow and centralize mobile imaging processes. Together, we shorten image-related workflow processes from days to hours."

As part of the alliance, ActivePhoto will bundle its image management service with the camera and sell the complete solution directly to prosumers and professionals. The ActivePhoto system automates image capturing, filing, publishing, and hosting processes. At standard resolutions, it takes less than a minute to send a picture to the ActivePhoto site.

The Ricoh RDC-i700 is itself far more than a digital camera. The 3.34-megapixel, Internet-ready device captures crisp images and video, sends and receives e-mail including attachments, sends images of documents directly to fax machines, surfs the Web, creates image-rich documents and HTML files, and can FTP data and images directly from the camera.

About ActivePhoto
ActivePhoto is the leading technology provider of wireless imaging and workflow solutions for commercial use. ActivePhoto's wireless imaging application software resides on digital cameras and handheld devices, and transmits images and key contextual data to the Web with the push of a button. ActivePhoto's business systems serve industries including insurance, online commerce and real estate. Leading customers include Kemper Insurance and SurplusBid.com. The company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. For more information, visit ActivePhoto on the Web at http://www.activephoto.com/ or call 866-464-3827.

About Ricoh Digital Camera Division
The Ricoh Digital Camera Division, a division of the Ricoh Corporation and headquartered in West Caldwell, NJ, is a worldwide market leader in the development, manufacture, distribution and OEM licensing of imaging, digital imaging and multimedia products.

Information about Ricoh's complete range of products and services can be accessed on the World Wide Web at http://www.ricohzone.com. Customer product inquiries and information requests can be directed to the Ricoh Digital Camera Division at 800-725-7767.

About Ricoh Corporation
The Ricoh Corporation, headquartered in West Caldwell, NJ, is a subsidiary of Ricoh Company Ltd., the 67-year-old leading supplier of office automation equipment with sales in excess of $10 billion. Ricoh Corporation was recently selected as one of the World's Most Admired Companies for the second year in a row by Fortune magazine.

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Ricoh and Ricoh RDC-i700 are trademarks of Ricoh Ltd. All other trademarks or product names are property of their respective owners.

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