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SiPix's PocketColor 200 printer. Courtesy of SiPix. SiPix announces portable photo printer!
(Monday, June 25, 2001 - 19:30 EDT)

Silicon Valley company rounds out its PC Expo announcements with a new portable color thermal transfer printer...

SiPix Inc. has today announced a new portable photo printer that can be used either with a PC/notebook computer or the SiPix SP-1300 'Shoot & Share' digital camera announced earlier today. The PocketColor 200 color thermal transfer printer looks to share the same engine as SiPix's just-announced SCP-1000 'Shoot & Print' digicam, with a resolution of 254dpi producing CMY prints with a paper size of 2.15" x 3.55" (55mm x 91mm), and an image size of 2" x 2.5" (48mm x 64mm).

SiPix's SP-1300 digital camera attached to the SiPix PocketColor 200 photo printer. Courtesy of SiPix. Click for a bigger picture!

Print speed is about 95 seconds per print, and the prints have a clear protective overcoat to make them more durable. Power can be supplied either by an included 6V, 2A AC adapter, or by 4 AA alkaline batteries. The printer weighs 10.5 ounces (300g) without batteries, and has dimensions of 1.5" x 3.3" x 1.4" (40mm x 83mm x 36mm). The device complies with DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) allowing images to be marked on the SP-1300 camera for printing.

The PocketColor 200 features USB connectivity, and comes bundled with an AC adapter, travel pouch, USB cable, 20 sheet paper and color cartridge, cleaning head, quick-start guide, and software CD-ROM. A print driver compatible with Windows 98, 98SE, Me or 2000 is included on the CD-ROM, as is MGI PhotoSuite III SE and a PDF version of the owners manual.

The 20-sheet paper cartridge and color cartridge is sold/replaced in one unit, at a cost of $9.99 or 3 for $24.99 (50¢ or 42¢ per print). Battery life is not quoted, but the printer has a power consumption rated at 6 watts.

SiPix's PocketColor 200 portable thermal transfer printer. Courtesy of SiPix. Click for a bigger picture!

All that is really missing is a CompactFlash or SmartMedia capability to allow compatibility with digicams from other manufacturers. This is a pretty big catch though, as it means that unless you're using the SiPix SP-1300, you're going to need a computer to be able to print your images - something that if you're interested in portability, you won't want to be carrying with you! We'd love to see another version of the PocketColor 200 that includes a PC Card slot for compatibility with a range of media; it wouldn't add much to the size or weight, and the price increase would likely be very worthwhile.

Source: SiPix Inc.

Original Source Press Release:

SiPix Announces the PocketColor 200 – True Mobile Digital Picture Printing for $179

Battery Powered, USB printer produces business card-sized color photos on the go

PC EXPO/TECHXNY, New York, June 26, 2001 –– SiPix, Inc., The Digital Imaging Appliance Company, today announced the PocketColor 200 Print & Share. The slim and compact printer is ideal for printing high resolution, continuous tone color prints while in the field, traveling, or on location. It uses an advanced thermal color transfer method to create stunning 2-inch by 2.5-inch photos. The PocketColor 200 will be available in July for a suggested retail price of $179.

Any digital photographer can use the printer as it can print directly from a Windows-based PC or notebook via a USB cable. Additionally, the
PocketColor 200 works directly with the SiPix SP-1300 digital camera. This allows for direct printing from the digital camera without the need for a computer, creating a true, portable digital darkroom.

“The PocketColor 200 provides a unique solution in the field or on location, to place photographs in someone’s hands when there otherwise is no option,” said Michael Weizer, director of product marketing at SiPix, Inc. “Our research has shown that many professional and everyday digital photographers need immediate access to instant prints to share, collaborate and distribute.”

“True mobile printing of digital images has been an industry goal since the first digital cameras were introduced to the marketplace," said Ron Glaz, project manager for digital cameras and scanners at IDC, the world's leading provider of technology intelligence. "The new SiPix PocketColor 200 is a mobile, direct camera-to-printer solution at a price that becomes appealing to both business users and consumers. No other company is offering a tool like this at this price point.”

The printer uses specially designed paper and color cartridges from SiPix. A color cartridge will be included with every 20 piece package of photo quality paper. The color cartridge takes the guesswork out of confusing ink levels as it uses advanced thermal color transfer and is designed to be replaced with each new package of paper. These packages will be available at the retail level for $9.99. Value packs will also be available, 3 packages each including 20 pieces of photo quality paper each and a color cartridge, for $24.99.

Pricing, Support and Warranty

The PocketColor 200 will retail for an estimated $179 and ship with an AC adapter for use in the home or office, a travel pouch, a USB cable, a color cartridge and 20 sheets of photo paper, a cleaning head and a quick start guide. The included CD-ROM will include MGI PhotoSuite III SE, the PocketColor 200 Print Driver, Adobe Acrobat Reader and a PDF owner’s manual.

The PocketColor 200 is backed by a one-year warranty and toll free technical support offered for one year from purchase. The toll free technical support number is 1-866-888-1678, and is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time, and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time. Lifetime technical support is available at no additional charge at 408-719-5076 with the same hours as above.

About SiPix, Inc.

SiPix, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of SiPix Group Limited, is a leader in the manufacturing and delivery of digital imaging appliances for the consumer market. The company’s portfolio of innovative and intuitive image capture and image output products provides a complete product and service chain, from capture to print, and from hardware to media. SiPix enables the sharing of images instantly and globally, at an affordable price for everyone. The company is based in The Silicon Valley, with regional offices in Europe and throughout Asia. For more information, go to www.sipix.com

All trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners and are hereby acknowledged.

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