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ACDSee Mobile running on the Handspring Visor PDA. Courtesy of ACD Systems International Inc. ACD announces ACDSee Mobile!
(Wednesday, August 1, 2001 - 15:58 EDT)

New software from ACD Systems lets Palm users view, share images on their PDA...

Canadian company ACD Systems Inc. has introduced new software for viewing, managing and sharing images on Palm OS-based Personal Digital Assistants, our friends at LetsGoDigital.nl point out. 'ACDSee Mobile for Palm OS' joins the likes of MGI's 'PhotoSuite Mobile Edition' and ClubPhoto's 'Album To Go' in allowing users to view images on their Palm OS PDAs, and share them via the infrared port with other Palm users.

ACDSee Mobile v1.0 costs $19.95 for a downloadable version, or $34.95 + shipping for the CD version. Copies ordered on CD will begin shipping from August 17th, whilst the downloadable version is available immediately. A 45 day trial version can be downloaded from the ACD Systems website.

ACD Systems' ACDSee Mobile v1.0 running on Handspring's Visor PDA. Courtesy of ACD Systems Inc.

Source: ACD Systems Inc.

Original Source Press Release:

Digital Imaging Goes Mobile With ACDs New Software For Palm OS Handhelds

Victoria, British Columbia - July 25, 2001 - ACD Systems International Inc. (TSE: ASA), the digital imaging company, today introduced ACDSee Mobile for Palm OS to its digital imaging product line. The new software makes viewing, managing, and sharing digital images on Palm-powered handhelds as easy as on desktop computers.

ACDSee Mobile for Palm OS enables users to easily transfer images from their desktop or notebook to their handheld. The application converts 9 image types to the Palm OS handheld and when used with ACDSee it converts over 40 image formats. ACDSee Mobile for Palm OS also displays images on the handheld to a "fit-to-Palm" size or the original image dimensions.

Users of Palm-powered handhelds can organize their image files into 15 categories, sort files for browsing by name, date and other parameters, and browse by file name or in thumbnail mode. As well, users can take advantage of its searching capabilities through file name and descriptions added to the digital images.

For sharing images, Palm OS owners can beam the other Palm OS handhelds with ACDSeeMobile. ACDSee is the world’s most popular software for digital image viewing, browsing, and sharing. With ACDSee Mobile for Palm OS, ACDSee is now available across three platforms - PC, Mac and now Palm OS. Over 16, 000, 000 handhelds have been shipped to date.

Said ACD President and CEO Doug Vandekerkhove: "ACDSee Mobile can be taken anywhere, anytime, with any Palm-powered handheld with OS 3.3 or greater. For consumers or for m-commerce professionals, ACD Mobile means they can take their image libraries in their pocket wherever they go and share them with others."

ACDSee Mobile for Palm OS is available as a standalone product or as a plug-in for ACDSee 3.1 and PicaView 2.0. It can be purchased for $19.95 or experienced on a 45 day trial by downloading it from www.acdsystems.com/english/products/acdsee-mobile/

About ACD Systems International Inc.

Headquartered in British Columbia since 1993, ACD Systems International (TSE: ASA) is one of the world’s leading digital-imaging companies that develops, markets, and sells digital imaging software. The Company has a history of 100% revenue growth, quarter on quarter for the past fiscal year and has penetrated the global market place through progressive Internet distribution and strategic partnerships. ACD has an estimated 24 million-user base and over 33,000 corporate customers, including many Fortune 500 companies. For further details, please visit our corporate web site: www.ACDSYSTEMS.com

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