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Nikon's logo. Click here to visit the Nikon website! Nikon 'Legends' interviews Joe McNally!
(Thursday, August 9, 2001 - 16:11 EDT)

Life magazine staff photographer on his photos, and digital's attractions...

Nikon Inc. has just posted the latest installment in its "Legends Behind the Lens" section of the Nikon website. 'Legends' looks at well-known photographers and describes how they got where they are today, as well as how they capture their remarkable images.

This month, Life magazine's Joe McNally, who has also been published on the cover of TIME, Newsweek, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Fortune and New York Magazine, talks about the concepts behind his photos. He also mentions that his photographic arsenal includes Nikon's Coolpix 990, and will soon see a D1X added...

Source: Nikon Inc.

Original Source Press Release:


Top Photo and Education Site Profiles Versatile, Innovative Professional To Inspire Photographers Of All Levels

MELVILLE, NY, August 9, 2001- NikonNet and its popular monthly “Legends Behind the Lens” (www.nikonnet.com/legends ) series continue to set the precedent for online photography sites in August by featuring the photographs and insights of distinguished photojournalist Joe McNally. His photographs and photo essays, many of which have appeared in the world's most prominent national and international publications, reveal an artist of extraordinary technical mastery and exceptional versatility. Considered to be one of the best photojournalists in the business, Joe McNally has been honored with numerous awards including the 1998 Alfred Eisenstaedt Award for outstanding magazine photography.

“Joe McNally truly represents the spirit and excitement about photography that we look to instill in our visitors,” said Jerry Grossman, Vice President of Internet Development and Marketing at Nikon Inc. “We are very proud of the 'Legends Behind the Lens' series as a great way to showcase the work of world-class photographers and use their talent to inspire people to learn about photography and take great pictures.”

A staff photographer for Life magazine, Joe McNally has also seen his work on the cover of TIME, Newsweek, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Fortune and New York Magazine as well as in projects for The New York Times, Associated Press, ABC and UPI.

In addition to being a visual showcase, the series provides background on the featured photographer. Visitors to the site will be surprised to read how Joe McNally had never picked up a camera before college but instantly fell in love with the idea of being on the scene and in the middle of the news as it happened-and how to capture these events on film. Getting his start as a copyboy at The New York Daily News, McNally went on to learn the business while working at ABC, the wire services and shooting major world events on freelance assignments. His willingness to take on any assignment has, two decades later, proved invaluable in developing incredible versatility and range. This talent has earned Joe the reputation of doing almost anything to get the perfect shot.

About “Legends Behind the Lens”
NikonNet's “Legends Behind the Lens” series aims to educate users and, in turn, breathe excitement into photography. Nikon has assembled a comprehensive and intriguing collection of artists to share their most incredible, challenging, emotional and exciting experiences on NikonNet.

This inspiring monthly program offers a behind-the-scenes look into the personalities and philosophies behind the world's greatest and most famous photographers. “Legends Behind the Lens” also offers portfolio galleries, with a new photo added each day of the month, as well as tips and tricks-of-the-trade from featured professionals.

Past “Legends” in the series include Peter Turnley, Eddie Adams, Jay Maisel, Annie Griffiths Belt and Frans Lanting. Previous “Legends” remain archived and available for viewing on NikonNet along with countless other inspiring and educational features. In the coming months, look for Legends such as Daniel Cox, Pete Turner and Howard Bingham.

About NikonNet:
NikonNet (www.nikonnet.com ) is the Web's leading site for photography education, photo sharing, community and inspiration. The website utilizes the most advanced, user-friendly technology to make photo uploading, photo sharing and creating personal albums fast and easy. NikonNet leverages the resources of parent company Nikon to offer the most innovative and inspiring educational segments on the Internet. Nikon's suite of websites -- www.nikonusa.com , www.nikonnet.com , www.microscopyu.com , www.nikonmall.com and www.nikonschool.com -- connect consumers to the company's products and services and link users to the most complete photography education and information community available on the Web today.

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