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Sony's DPP-MP1 dye sublimation printer. Courtesy of Sony Japan. Sony announces portable dye-sub printer!
(Wednesday, August 22, 2001 - 16:01 EDT)

DPP-MP1 is the world's smallest and lightest dye sublimation photo printer...

Sony Electronics has announced an amazingly small dye-sub photo printer alongside the new digital cameras we told you about yesterday. The Sony DPP-MP1 prints at a resolution of 307dpi in 8-bit per color CMY, on business-card sized paper. The printer can either be powered using an AC adapter, or via an MPA-BT1 battery pack which attaches to the side of the device.

Just how small is the DPP-MP1? Compared to Canon's 510g, 108 x 125 x 47mm CP-10 photo printer (which is probably the closest competition), the MP1 comes in at 6% lighter and a whopping 54% smaller by volume - and that is including the external battery pack! Remove the battery pack and the numbers drop from 160 x 66.2 x 38.9mm to only 111.2 x 66.2 x 38.9mm, excluding the paper tray. With the battery pack, battery, paper tray and print cartridge attached the printer weighs 479g; remove these and the base unit weighs 260g.

The printer, which comes with a paper tray, AC adapter, USB cable and test printing pack, will cost $280 when it reaches the market in November. The battery pack will be an option that costs $70, and media packs containing 24 sheets of business-card sized paper and a print cartridge, will cost $20 per pack (83¢ per print).

Sony's DPP-MP1 dye sublimation printer. Courtesy of Sony Electronics. Click for a bigger picture!

Source: Sony Electronics

Original Source Press Release:


Palm-Sized Portable Printer Lets Digital Photographers Make Prints On Location

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 21, 2001 – Combining the art of miniaturization with the practical benefit of outstanding printing technology, Sony Electronics has introduced the diminutive DPP-MP1 digital photo printer. With this new device, beautiful, borderless, full-color photos can be made anywhere in less than two minutes.

Weighing in at less than one pound, including battery and paper tray, the miniature dye-sublimation printer can be used with either the supplied AC adapter or an optional battery pack. The printer and battery pack will be available in November for about $280 and $70, respectively.

“Not only can this printer provide long lasting memories of social gatherings, it can also be a helpful tool for professionals in real estate, insurance and law enforcement who need to print their pictures right on the spot,” said Mark Viken, senior vice president of Sony’s Information Technology Products Division.

The new DPP-MP1 printer can be driven by a personal computer via USB or directly from Memory Stick® media. It uses durable business card-size paper, made popular by a variety of current devices. Paper is available in packs of 24 and is sold with a print cartridge for about $20.

The printer is supplied with paper tray, AC adapter, USB cable and test printing pack.

Memory Stick Media
After just over two years, Memory Stick media has grown from concept to market acceptance. Over 10 million Memory Stick media cards are already being enjoyed by users worldwide. By 2003, a projected 100 million users will be linking, sharing, connecting and enjoying Memory Stick digital media.

Worldwide, more than 80 Memory Stick products in 21 categories have been developed or commercialized. These include all areas of technology: car navigation, personal computers, handheld devices, printers, media, wireless phones, portable stereos, entertainment robots, and even a retail kiosk where travelers can download local sightseeing information

Currently, Memory Stick removable media is available in 8MB, 16MB, 32MB, 64MB and 128MB capacities. For more information on Memory Stick media, please visit www.memorystick.org.

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