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Olympus' Camedia D40 digital camera. Courtesy of Olympus America Inc. Olympus announces Camedia D-40!
(Sunday, September 2, 2001 - 10:00 EDT)

As promised, Olympus America announces 4 megapixel ultra-compact digicam...

As mentioned in our news item of last night, Olympus America Inc. is this morning unveiling its new Camedia D-40 Zoom digital camera, the first ultra-compact 4 megapixel digicam to be announced thus far (the closest 4 megapixel unit until now, Toshiba's PDR-M81, is some 35% larger by volume). Similarly to that camera, the Camedia D-40Z features a 2.8x optical zoom lens equivalent to 35-98mm on a 35mm camera, 1.5" LCD display, ISO ratings from 100 to 400 and SmartMedia storage. Interesting features of the D-40Z include a 10-position mode dial which brings camera options into the user interface rather than hiding them in menus - for example a 'My Image' mode allows quick access to stored user settings. There's also auto-exposure bracketing, white-balance compensation, long-exposure noise reduction, automatic pixel mapping, and color-management that varies image tone based on the shooting mode (warmer for portraits, cooler for landscapes, for example).

Full specifications for the Olympus Camedia D-40 Zoom are in our database, and highlights follow:

Specification Highlights - full specifications here
Olympus Camedia D-40 Zoom
Olympus' Camedia D-40 Zoom digital camera. Courtesy of Olympus America Inc. Click for a bigger picture!
Model Number: D-40Z
Camera Format: Ultra-compact
Price: $799
Date Available: October 2001
Image Capture
Image Sensor: 4.13 megapixels (3.95 megapixels effective)
Image Resolution: 2288x1712, 2272 x 1704, 2048x1536, 1600x1200, 1280x960, 1024x768, 640 x 480. Also interpolated resolutions of 3200 x 2400, 2816 x 2112 and 2560 x 1920.
Focal Length (effective): 35 - 98mm (2.8x optical zoom)
Digital Zoom: Up to 2.5x
Auto Focus: Yes (TTL iESP Contrast Detection type)
Manual Focus: Yes
Aperture Range: f/2.8, 3.4, 4.0, 4.8, 5.6, 8.0
Optical Viewfinder: Yes (Real Image type)
LCD Viewfinder: Yes (1.5 inch, 114,000 pixel)
ISO Settings: Auto, 100, 200, 400
White Balance Settings: Auto, Daylight, Overcast, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Hold
Manual White Balance: Yes
Shutter Speeds: 16 - 1/1000 second
Exp Adj Range: +/- 2.0EV in 1/2EV steps
Metering Modes: Digital ESP metering system, Spot
Exposure Modes: Auto, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual
Self Timer: 12 seconds
Internal Flash: Yes
Flash Modes: Auto, Red-Eye Reduction, Off, On, First and Second curtain slow synchro
Flash Range Description: 0.8 - 3 meters (wide), 0.25 - 1.75 meters (tele)
Ext Flash: No
Image Storage
Flash Memory: 3.3V SmartMedia to 128MB
Memory Included: 16MB
File Formats: TIFF, JPEG, WAV, QuickTime MotionJPEG w/ wave audio
More Information
Weight: 190 g; 6.6 oz
Weight With Batteries? No
Size: 87 x 69 x 44mm; 3.4 x 2.7 x 1.7in
Notes & Features: Compatible with 3.3V SmartMedia cards in capacities of 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 MB. Has built-in speaker. Complies with USB Mass Storage Class (dubbed USB AutoConnect by Olympus) for driverless use with Windows 2000, Me and XP, or MacOS 8.6+. Lens has 7 elements in 5 groups. Macro focusing distance of 10cm is at wide-angle - tele macro distance is 25cm. Flash recharges in 6 seconds. 10-position mode dial brings camera options into the interface rather than hiding them in menus; 'My Image' mode allows quick access to stored user settings. LCD brightness can be adjusted. In-camera interpolation (referred to as Optimum Image Enlargement mode by Olympus) uses bicubic algorithm before JPEG compression is applied. Noise reduction system automatically captures dark-current frame after exposures greater than 1 second, and uses this to remove noise from actual image. Color management varies with camera mode - warm tones are enhanced in portrait modes, cool tones are enhanced in landscape modes. Has automatic pixel mapping feature to automatically map out stuck/dead pixels via a menu option. Manual focus mode has distance gauge. Has auto-exposure bracketing function (1/2 and 1EV steps, 3 or 5 images). Has white balance compensation function. Shutter speeds above 1/2 second available in slow synchro (up to 4 seconds) or manual (up to 16 seconds) modes only. Shutter speeds in movie mode 1/30 to 1/10000 second. Video mode not switchable - US model has NTSC video, European model has PAL. Movie mode frame-rate is 15fps on NTSC model, 12.5fps on PAL model. Movie length (max/min res) for NTSC model is 34/137 seconds, for PAL model is 41/161 seconds. Can rotate images, crop/index video files in-camera. Comes bundled with Strap, 16MB SmartMedia, USB cable, Audio and Video cable, Lithium battery LB-01 and Remote controller RM-1. Bundled 16MB SmartMedia card enables in-camera panorama function.
More Photos
Olympus' Camedia D-40 Zoom digital camera. Courtesy of Olympus America Inc. Click for a bigger picture!
Olympus' Camedia D-40 Zoom digital camera. Courtesy of Olympus America Inc. Click for a bigger picture!
Olympus' Camedia D-40 Zoom digital camera. Courtesy of Olympus America Inc. Click for a bigger picture!
Olympus' Camedia D-40 Zoom digital camera. Courtesy of Olympus America Inc. Click for a bigger picture!
Olympus' Camedia D-40 Zoom digital camera. Courtesy of Olympus America Inc. Click for a bigger picture!
Olympus' Camedia D-40 Zoom digital camera. Courtesy of Olympus America Inc. Click for a bigger picture!
Olympus' Camedia D-40 Zoom digital camera. Courtesy of Olympus America Inc. Click for a bigger picture!

Original Source Press Release:


September 2, 2001, Melville, NY -Olympus announced today the D-40 ZOOM, the world's smallest 4 Megapixel digital camera. Capturing detailed images that will satisfy the most demanding photographer, the D-40 ZOOM measures just 3.4" (wide) x 2.7" (high) x 1.7" (thick). The D-40 ZOOM is not only one of the smallest, but one of the most technologically advanced digital cameras on the market.

The D-40 ZOOM incorporates a new 2.8x optical zoom lens, matched to a 4 Megapixel effective image area for sharp, detailed photographs. To further improve image quality, the D-40 ZOOM features Olympus' new Enhanced Color Management system, a technology that customizes color settings for each of its unique shooting modes. Enhanced Color Management delivers better skin tones in portraits, truer blue skies and greener trees in landscapes, without any further operator programming. Users simply select the mode, point and shoot.

For night shots with longer exposures, the D-40 ZOOM employs a Noise Reduction mode for clear, colorful nighttime photos. The D-40 ZOOM produces 2272 x 1704 pixel resolution files that create prints up to 11" x 14". An Optimum Image Enlargement mode for applications requiring larger output gives users the flexibility to print images up to 16" x 20". The D-40 ZOOM offers great picture quality; is easy to use and builds a range of advanced features into a hassle-free camera that fits in the palm of a hand.

Designed to capture great pictures anywhere and anytime, the D-40 ZOOM is as easy to use as it is technologically advanced, offering features and functionality any level of photographer can enjoy. A new LCD menu interface gives users fast and easy access to commonly used functions. Three of the four default menu categories in the top menu can be programmed by the user as shortcuts, eliminating the need to navigate multiple screens to change camera settings. To further enhance operability, the D-40 ZOOM features a new 10-position Mode Dial, with creative modes pre-set to fine tune exposure, white balance and color saturation settings for any shooting situation. A new "My Image" mode gives users one-touch access to customized settings.

To download, save and share photos, the D-40 ZOOM also features Olympus' USB Auto-Connect technology. USB Auto-Connect executes fast and worry-free image file downloads without the need for additional software or drivers for Windows® 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP and Mac OS™ 8.6 - Mac OS X computers.

The compact and lightweight D-40 ZOOM is the perfect point-and-shoot digital camera for every level of photographer desiring the highest levels of image quality in a compact, easy to use design. It offers the ease of operation of a point-and-shoot camera, as well as a number of advanced features to make digital photography virtually effortless.

The D-40 ZOOM also offers a host of easy to use capabilities for maximum photographic image quality and creativity. The iESP multi-patterned White Balance system automatically adjusts camera settings to ensure proper color reproduction. Metering modes are automatic and feature a choice of ESP multi-patterned or spot metering for easy, yet advanced exposure control. In addition to full manual operation for users with more mature photographic skills, users can select from Aperture or Shutter Priority, multiple Program Scene modes, a two-frame-per-second Burst mode, Black-and-White and Sepia shooting modes, Auto Exposure Bracketing and Exposure Compensation settings. This robust feature set allows even novice digital photographers to capture the highest quality photographs with a minimum of effort.


  • Noise Reduction System - For exposures of four seconds or longer, the Noise Reduction Mode (when activated) automatically compares the original image with an image taken immediately after the first exposure with no light. This frame contains only the background noise. The D-40 ZOOM then compares both images and cancels background noise in the original image for clearer, shaper pictures.
  • Optimum Image Enlargement mode [OIE] - Enlarges images up to 3200 x 2400 pixels (7.7 Megapixels) in SHQ or HQ mode, matching image quality to the best output of the Olympus P-400 printer, for true dot-free, continuous-tone photographs. The D-40 ZOOM's OIE mode uses a new high-speed ASIC chip to maximize image quality and processing speed to create sharp, crisp inkjet prints as large as 16" x 20".
  • 10 Position Mode Dial - Never miss another moment fumbling through layers of camera settings. The D-40 ZOOM's new 10-position Mode Dial provides for easier access to program scene modes such as Portrait, Self Portrait, Landscape-Scene, Night Scene and more.
  • "My Image" mode - Create unique custom camera settings that can be accessed by simply turning the Mode Dial to the "My Image" position.
  • Record motion footage with audio - A built-in speaker and microphone allow users to record and play back video with sound.
  • Automatic Pixel Mapping - Allows users to correct the rare occurrence of dead (black) pixels or stuck (white) pixels without returning the camera for service. A simple command instructs the D-40 ZOOM to re-map the CCD if these problems ever occur.
  • USB Auto-Connect - Connect to most any USB-compatible Windows computer (running Windows Me, 2000, or XP) or Macintosh (running MacOS 8.6 - OS X) in seconds. The camera is configured as an external hard disk for easy downloading of image files to computers without any additional software.
The D-40 ZOOM will be available October, 2001 with an estimated street price of $799.00. It ships with a 16MB Olympus SmartMedia™ memory card, USB cable, AV cable, one LB-01 Lithium battery (also uses 2 standard AA batteries), RM-1 remote control, Olympus Camedia Master Software for image manipulation and creation, instruction manual, QuickStart Guide, and strap.

For more information, contact Olympus America, Consumer Products Group, Two Corporate Center Dr., Melville, NY 11747-3157, Phone: (631) 844-5000, (800) 622-6372, Fax: (631) 844-5262 or the Olympus Web page at: http://www.olympus.com.

Olympus America is responsible for sales in United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Olympus is a registered trademark; CAMEDIA and Microcassette are trademarks of Olympus Optical Co. Ltd. Apple, Macintosh and QuickTime are trademarks of Apple Computer. Microsoft is a registered trademark and Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp. SmartMedia is a trademark of Toshiba America, Inc. Specifications subject to change without notice.

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