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About The Imaging Resource:

The Imaging Resource offers the most comprehensive, informative, and factually accurate digital camera information available anywhere. Here you will find the latest digital camera, scanner and printer reviews as well as our exclusive ComparometerTM image comparison database and our unique Camera Finder.

About Our Content:

The Imaging Resource gives consumers all the tools required to choose just the right digital camera for their needs: Accurate, factual reviews, clear-cut test results, and online shopping/price comparison covering dozens of merchants. Whether rank beginner or practicing professional, photographers of all levels will find the products they're looking for reviewed in depth on the Imaging Resource website.

Our Unique Niche:

The Imaging Resource is unique in the depth of information it provides and the breadth of products it provides it for. Of the several digital camera review sites on the Internet, some provide information as detailed, but about only a relative handful of higher-end camera models, while others cover a broad range of cameras, but without detailed performance data. Imaging Resource offers full performance data (power consumption and battery life, shutter delay, autofocus speed, and shot to shot "cycle times") for every camera it tests. - And they test an average of 8 to 12 new digital cameras every month! Imaging Resource is also the only source on the Internet with current, detailed comparative data on desktop film scanners, an important category of products for the serious photographer.

Our History:

The Imaging Resource was one of the first sites on the Internet wholly devoted to equipment reviews for digital photography, and is now one of the largest. Founded by imaging industry leader Dave Etchells, the website has actually become something of a family business. Dave's wife Marti is the long-suffering "most photographed woman in digital imaging" (she appears in several of the standardized test shots used to evaluate cameras), as well as the shipping and accounting departments. Dave and Marti's two sons Chris and Arthur assist with test photography and measurements of the cameras, as well as some aspects of site maintenance. Apart from the Etchells themselves, Imaging Resource is a "virtual" company, with editors in San Francisco and Oak Ridge Tennessee, and a writer and web workers in the Atlanta area.


News Releases & Announcements:

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In The News:

USA Today

Digital picture keeps getting clearer
By Jefferson Graham

Business Week

A Sharper Focus For Digital Shutterbugs
By Joan OíC. Hamilton


Story Ideas:

Story Idea: How many megapixels are enough?

  • Two megapixels actually create very acceptable 8x10 prints
  • Three megapixels make very crisp 8x10 prints.
  • Since few people print larger than 8x10, the need for much higher camera resolutions is slight.
  • One advantage of higher megapixel cameras though, is that you can "crop" the images quite heavily and still have plenty of resolution to make an 8x10 print.
  • Color and tonal quality isn't really tied to higher megapixel counts, but many of the higher-end cameras (that will tend to have better color and tone) also have higher resolution CCDs - So don't avoid high-resolution cameras just because you don't feel you "need" all those megapixels.

Story Idea: The importance of a zoom lens

  • True optical vs "digital zoom"
  • Zoom lens costs $50-100 more vs fixed focal length
  • Zoom lets you change framing
  • Biggest problem for novice photographers is they don't fill the frame with their subjects - Zoom lenses let you do this.



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