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Kodak DCS Pro 14n Digital SLR

Kodak's latest digital SLR brings full-frame, 13.7 megapixel resolution to market for under 5,000.

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Pro 14n Sample Images

Review First Posted: 03/23/2003


NOTE: The unit I've tested at this point was a prototype camera, so I don't have my usual assortment of standardized test images for you yet - I'll let the full battery of those shots wait until I get a production model of the 14n to work with.

I have prepared some pretty extensive analysis pages for you though, comparing the Kodak 14n with the Canon EOS-1Ds as well as an assortment of random images that news editor Mike Tomkins and I shot with a prototype Kodak 14n when we went to the PMA show in Las Vegas the first week of this month (March, 2003). Enjoy!


03/26/03 - Kodak has posted some sample images on their site with the most recent firmware revision.

The "Silos" shot: Resolution and aliasing. Also some discussion of low-contrast detail rendition.
Portraits under a studio strobe system: Skin tones and detail. Some further examples and analysis regarding low-contrast detail vs. noise reduction.
The "Davebox": Color rendering and a detailed noise analysis. (Some low-light shots as well.)
Wide angle test: Some comparison shots with the same Sigma 14mm f/2.8 ultra-wide lens on both cameras. Chromatic aberration and other distortions.( Do microlenses aggravate wide-angle lens distortion?)
Resolution Target: Comparison of ISO-12233 res targets, including shots with an "exclusive" 2x res target. (These cameras have now outstripped the capabilities of the standard 12233 target.)
Random shots from Las Vegas: Some other shots (a mixture of daytime shots of Sony's hot-air ballooning press event and some night shots of the 'Vegas strip), plus my initial impressions of the 14n.


Love high ISO photography? Hate noise? Check out Fred Miranda's ISO-R noise-reducing actions for Photoshop. Incredible noise reduction, with *no* loss of subject detail. (Pretty amazing, IMHO.) Check it out!


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