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Epson PhotoPC 3000Z

Epson's first three-megapixel design boasts great image quality and loads of "enthusiast" features

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Review First Posted: 10/01/2000

3.3 megapixel CCD for images to 2048x1536 (2544x1904 in interpolated HyPict mode)
3x optical zoom lens, 34-102mm effective range
Many manual-control options
Multimedia video and sound recording
 * External flash via hot shoe connector

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Manufacturer Overview
When it comes to color images and computers, Epson is clearly one of the leading companies in the marketplace, thanks to their long-held commanding position in the color printer market. They're less well-known as a digital camera maker, but their products there have consistently matched the quality their printer line is known for. The PhotoPC 3000Z is the latest in a fairly long line of PhotoPC digital cameras, and the first model of theirs that we've reviewed on this site.

As their digicam line has evolved over the years, Epson has moved from very simple cameras intended for the pure point & shoot user to increasingly sophisticated models offering more exposure and creative controls. With the PhotoPC 3000Z, they've managed to hit all the high points demanded by advanced-amateur users, while still providing a dead-easy fully automatic mode for the technology-challenged. Overall, the PhotoPC 3000Z is a very strong entry in the three megapixel category, with a rich combination of features found in only a handful of competing models.


  • 3.3 megapixel CCD with HyPict Image Enhancement interpolating up to 4.8 megapixel file sizes (images up to 2544 x 1904 pixels).
  • 1.8 inch wide view LCD monitor.
  • 3x, 7 to 21 mm lens (equivalent to a 34 to 102 mm lens on a 35 mm camera).
  • 2x digital telephoto.
  • Lens adapter for connecting accessory lens conversion kits.
  • Auto and manual focus options.
  • Apertures from f/2.0 to f/8.0.
  • Shutter speeds from eight to 1/750 seconds.
  • Automatic, Program, Aperture Priority and Manual exposure modes.
  • Spot and matrix metering options.
  • Variable sensitivity with 100, 200 and 400 ISO equivalents.
  • Adjustable white balance with Automatic, Fixed (5,200 Kelvin) and Manual settings.
  • Built-in flash with five operating modes.
  • Hot-shoe for connecting an external flash.
  • Movie with sound capability, Continuous Shooting and Interval photography modes.
  • Still images saved as JPEG or uncompressed TIFF, movie files saved as Motion JPEGs.
  • Image capture on CompactFlash.
  • USB, PC serial and Mac serial cables for connecting to a computer.
  • NTSC video cable for connection to a television set or multimedia projector (PAL for European models).
  • Four rechargeable AA NiMH batteries with charger included in the box. (Kudos to Epson!)

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