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Olympus C-5060 Wide Zoom

Olympus makes a strong update to the top of their prosumer lineup

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Review First Posted: 11/21/2003

Video Out
The C-5060 Wide Zoom has a Video Out port for connecting the camera directly to a television set. Through the Setup menu, you can select either NTSC or PAL formats. The video output can be used for reviewing previously captured images and movies, or running slide shows from the camera. It also shows all of the LCD menu screens, as well as the preview display from the LCD viewfinder. Combined with the optional infrared remote control device, the C-5060 Wide Zoom's video capabilities make the camera a unique presentation device.

The C-5060 Wide Zoom is powered by a single BLM-1 lithium-ion battery pack (7.2v, 1500mAh), or by an optional AC adapter that can significantly extend battery life if you're doing a lot of downloads on the computer or working in a studio environment. The camera comes with a battery and a charger, and I highly recommend picking up a second battery and keeping it freshly charged at all times. The table below shows the power consumption in various operating modes, and the projected run times you could expect based on the stated capacity of the provided battery pack.

Operating Mode
(@6.5 volts on the external power terminal)
Est. Minutes
(One 1500 mAh Li-ion cell, true capacity)
Capture Mode, w/LCD
423 mA
3.9 hours
Capture Mode, no LCD
15.4 mA
108 hours (!)
Half-pressed shutter w/LCD
417 mA
4 hours
Half-pressed w/o LCD
302 mA
5.5 hours
Memory Write (transient)
465 mA
Flash Recharge (transient)
927 mA
Image Playback
267 mA
6.2 hours

The C-5060 shows really excellent battery life, among the best in its class. In particular, it consumes almost no power when its LCD is off in capture mode, meaning you can leave it on and ready all day long without significantly affecting your battery life. As noted above, I always advise readers to purchase a second battery along with their camera, so they'll always have a spare ready to go, but the C-5060's excellent battery life means that some people will probably be able to get away with just the battery that comes with the camera. (Personally, I'd still purchase a second battery, but you may prefer to save the expense and put the money into a larger memory card instead.)

Included Software
The C-5060 Wide Zoom comes with a nice complement of software on the supplied CD. Direct camera control and image downloading are provided by Olympus' Camedia Master software package for both Mac and Windows platforms (Macintosh OS 8.6 - 10.1, Windows 98/98SE/Me/2000/XP). USB drivers for both platforms and an Apple QuickTime reader are also included.

Camedia Master allows you to download and organize images, as well as perform minor image correction and enhancement functions (such as adjusting contrast, sharpness, and color balance). For panoramic images, Camedia Master supplies a "stitching" utility to piece together shots vertically or horizontally. A complete printing utility works with the DPOF settings and allows you to print images directly to Olympus or other photo printers.

In the Box
The following items are included in the box:

  • C-5060 Wide Zoom digital camera
  • 32MB xD-Picture Card
  • One Li-ion battery
  • Battery Charger
  • USB cable
  • Video cable
  • Camedia Master software CD-ROM
  • Neck strap
  • Lens cap with tether strap
  • User manuals and registration card

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