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Nikon D1

The D1 WonderCam!

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Review First Posted: May 12, 2000

Here are some additional resources and research links concerning Nikon's D1 digital camera. If you find additional links that are noteworthy, please email us at: [email protected].


User Discussion Groups


  • Qimage Pro - Program by Mike Chaney *many* functions & features, including Nikon NEF file decoding, improved color-management vs in-camera firmware, and high-ISO noise filters. A must-have for D1 owners, IOHO.
  • Bibble - Nikon NEF file decoding software. - Particularly impressive color management when workin from D1 files. - Another absurdly cheap, "must have" for any D1 owner! Highly recommended!

Download Sites

The following files are in PDF format located on Nikon's European web site. PDF format requires Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view the files. Please download Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download!!) before attempting to view these files.

Download instructions
Windows Right click on the link. Select "save target" (Explorer) from the content menu that pops up or "save link" (Netscape). Navigate to locate the directory you want to store it in.
Mac Click and hold down the mouse button to bring up the popup menu. Select the save to disk option.

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D1 User pages

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