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Nikon D1x

Nikon ups the ante with 5.33 million pixels (5.9 megapixel file size), improved color, and exceptional noise performance!

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Reference: Datasheet

Review First Posted: 6/16/2001

Digital Camera Data Sheet:
Nikon D1X


Model Name:

Nikon D1X 
Model Number: D1X 
Camera Format: Pro SLR 
Currently Manufactured: No 
Retail Price: $6130.00
Street Price:  
Price Update Date: 2007-02-05
Date Available:  
Remote Control: Yes 
Remote Control Type: Wired 
Tripod Mount: Yes 
Tripod Mount Material:  
Operating System:  
Weight: 38.8 oz (1,100 g)
Weight With Batteries?  
Size: 6.2 x 6.0 x 3.3 in.
(157 x 153 x 85 mm)
Warranty in Months:  
Waterproof: No
Image Capture
Image Resolution: 3008x1960, 2000x1312
Movie Resolution:  
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
CCD Sensor (Megapixels): 5.32
CCD Size (inches): APS-C 
CCD Filter Type: RGBG 
CCD Manufacturer:  
Focal Length Multiplier: 1.50
Movie Audio: No 
Quality Levels: 6
Focal Length (35mm equivalent):  
Zoom Ratio:  
Digital Zoom: No 
Digital Zoom Values: n/a
Auto Focus: Yes 
Auto Focus Type: Nikon Multi-CAM 1300: 5-point phase detection, 3 cross-type 
Auto Focus Assist Light? No 
Auto Focus Min Illum:  
Auto Focus Step:  
Manual Focus: Yes 
Manual Focus Steps:  
Normal Focus Range:  
Macro Focus Range:  
Min Macro Area:  
Min Aperture:  
Max Aperture:  
Aperture Range Description: Varies with lens 
Aperture Step Size:  
Lens Thread:  
Lens Thread Type: Lens Threads 
Optical Viewfinder: Yes 
Optical VF Type: Fixed-eye level pentaprism 
Optical VF Accuracy: 95%
LCD Viewfinder: No 
LCD VF Accuracy: n/a
LCD Size (inches): 2.0
LCD Resolution: 130,000 dots
OLED Screen:  
Max Playback Zoom:  
ISO Settings: 125, 158, 250, 315, 350, 500, 800, 1600, 3200
ISO Rating Max: 3200
Number of White Balance Settings: 10
White Balance Settings: Auto, Manual (6 settings with fine tuning), Preset (3 settings) 
Manual White Balance: Yes 
Longest Shutter Time: 30 
Shortest Shutter Time: 1/16000 
Exp Adj Range: 5.0 EV
Exp Adj Step Size: 0.33 EV
Metering Modes: 3D color Matrix Metering, 75% Center-Weighted Metering, 2% Spot Metering 
Spot Metering: Yes 
Aperture Priority: Yes 
Shutter Priority: Yes 
Full Manual Exposure: Yes 
Self Timer: 2-20 sec
Internal Flash: No 
No of Flash Modes: n/a
Flash Modes: n/a
Flash Guide Number (Meters): n/a
Flash Range Default ISO (meters): n/a
Flash Range Description: n/a
No of Flash "Pops": n/a
Ext Flash: Yes 
Ext Flash Connection: ISO-type hot-shoe contact; safety lock provided 
Image Storage
Usable Memory Types: CompactFlash Type 1, CompactFlash Type 2 
Other Memory Types: IBM Microdrive 
Memory Included (MB):  
Uncompressed Format: RAW, YCbCr / RGB TIFF 
CCD Raw Format: Yes 
Compressed Format: JPEG 
Movie File Format:  
Video Out: Yes 
Video Mode Switchable: Yes 
Video Usable as Viewfinder:  
External Connections: Serial, Firewire
Other Connection: RS-232C for GPS unit, DC In 
Included Software: Nikon View 4.0 browser software 
OS Compatibility:  
Performance Timing
Startup Time: 0.730 seconds
Shutdown Time:  
Play -> Record: 0.520 seconds
Record -> Play (max res): 0.760 seconds
Record -> Play (min res): 0.760 seconds
Shutter Lag (auto focus) WIDE:  
Shutter Lag (auto focus) TELE:  
Shutter Lag, Man. Focus: 0.070 seconds
Shutter Lag, Prefocus: 0.070 seconds
Cycle Time Uncompressed Format: 0.520 seconds
Cycle Time Max Res: 0.470 seconds
Cycle Time Min Res: 0.480 seconds
Buffer Frames, Max Res: 9
Continuous Mode Rate (Frames/Sec): 2.860
Movie Mode Rate (Frames/Sec):  
Movie Sec @ Max Res:  
Movie Sec @ Min Res:  
Download speed, KB/second:  
Battery Form Factor: EN-4 
Usable Battery Types: 7.2V NiMH 
Batteries Included: No 
Battery Charger Included: No 
More Information
Notes & Features: ISO ratings work out to be about: 125, 158, 176, 198, 250, 315, 350, 397, 500, 696, 800. 12-bit capture depth. Some restrictions on use of 340MB IBM Microdrive (details unknown). Backlight/brightness adjustment of LCD display possible. Playback mode has histogram indication, highlight point display and focus confirmation indication. Useable lenses include D-type AF Nikkor, D-type Manual Focus Nikkor (all functions except autofocus), AF Nikkor other than D-type (all functions except 3D Colour Matrix Metering and 3D Multi-Sensor Balanced Fill-Flash), AI-P Nikkor (all functions except 3D Colour Matrix Metering, 3D Multi-Sensor Balanced Fill-Flash for D1 and autofocus), Non-CPU (usable in [A] or [M] mode Center-Weighted or Spot Metering; Electronic Rangefinder usable with lens with maximum aperture of f/5.6 or faster). Optical viewfinder has diopter adjustment. Has B-type BriteView clear Matte screen III; interchangeable with optional E-type focusing screen with grid for D1-series. Viewfinder shows focus indications, shutter speed, aperture, exposure mode, metering system, shutter speed lock, aperture lock, AE lock, electronic analog display, frame counter, ready-light, five sets of focus brackets (area). Flash sync up to 1/500 second. Has depth-of-field preview. Bundled with Neck Strap, Video Cable, "Nikon View 4.0" Browser Software. Will be available in Spring 2001. 
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