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Canon EOS D30 Digital SLR

Canon's first digital SLR packs 3 megapixels of CMOS sensor into a speedy, compact body! (Smallest/lightest digital SLR as of August, 2000)

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Page 8:Shutter Lag & Cycle Time Tests

Review First Posted: 8/27/2000

Shutter Lag/Cycle Times
We'll have a more complete set of test figures when we get a little more time with a final production model D30 a bit later. In the meantime though, we wanted to provide our readers with at least some indication of the D30's speed. (It's pretty fast.) Here's the numbers we managed to collect on it in the short time we had:

EOS D30 Timings
Time (secs)
Power On -> First shot
Time is delay until first shot captured after power-on.
No lens to retract as on consumer units, so effectively instant. Longer, variable time until CF card is done writing.
Play to Record, first shot
Time is delay until first shot captured. VERY fast!
Record to play (max res)
First time is for low-res display, fills-in with full res later.
Shutter lag, full autofocus
Highly lens-dependent. This was minimum for static subject, sequential pictures.
Shutter lag, manual focus
Quite fast, not as fast as D1 or S1 however.
Shutter lag, prefocus
No faster than manual focus. (No white balance/exposure until shutter opens.)
Cycle Time, full res JPEG
Very Fast
Cycle Time, full res JPEG
2.66 frames/second
Very Fast



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