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Olympus D-600L Test Images

Outdoor portrait: Good color balance, great detail, natural flesh tones.
Indoor portrait, flash: The auto flash operated in more of a "fill" mode here, blending with the available light. Good balance between available light and the flash, good colors in the flowers.  
Indoor portrait, no flash: Good white balance, with very neutral background color. Slight over-saturation in the fleshtones.  
House shot: Good detail, good color, practically no compression artifacts.  
"Musicians" poster: Good detail, slightly cool tone overall.  
Macro shot: Excellent close-up capability (The longer lens really helps!) This shot taken with studio lighting, but on-board flash does good job up close.  
Macro shot, w/accessory lens: Now THAT's close! Exceptional close-up photography with accessory macro lens. Very sharp, no visible distortion, chromatic aberration, or "coma."  
"Davebox" test target: Accurate rendition of "MacBeth" color chart, no sensor overload problems around reflections of lights in pot lid, good highlight detail, good-to-moderate shadow detail.  
"WG-18" resolution target: (Technoids only) - Visual resolution of ~550-575 line pairs/picture height horizontally, 575-600 line pairs/picture height vertically, relatively little aliasing.  
Viewfinder accuracy/flash uniformity target (Wide Angle): Target is very well-centered, showing good viewfinder alignment, flash uniformity is good, but with slight falloff in the corners. Slight but noticeable curvature of straight lines near picture edges.  
Viewfinder accuracy/flash uniformity target (Telephoto): Target is again verywell-centered, showing good viewfinder alignment, flash uniformity is very good also. No geometric distortion.  

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