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Minolta Dimage 7Hi

Minolta updates their revolutionary five-megapixel electronic SLR with an external flash sync connection, faster continuous mode, an "extra fine" JPEG option, and increased color space flexibility.

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Page 12:Test Results & Conclusion

Review First Posted: 10/15/2002

Test Results

Coming (very?) Soon! - As I "went to press" with this article, we'd been having an unrelenting string of cloudy days, preventing me from shooting my outdoor test photos. I've got most of the indoor and studio shots done, but will wait until I have the full set before I post the pictures page and my full analysis of the Dimage 7Hi's imaging performance. Stay tuned!


Throughout its evolution, I have continued to be impressed with the Dimage 7, 7i, and now 7Hi. The new Dimage 7Hi is a nice upgrade to the 7i, adding the benefits of faster continuous shooting speeds, a PC sync terminal, and adjustable color space options to an already great camera. The Dimage 7Hi performs very well, with category-leading autofocus speed, excellent, fine-grained control over color and tone, and full manual control. The long-ratio zoom lens and fast shutter response make it a nearly ideal camera for amateur sports shooting. As an added bonus, the Dimage 7Hi integrates beautifully with Minolta's dedicated flash units, with built-in wireless TTL flash metering capability and full control over the flashes' zoom heads. (Minolta's very flexible twin-headed macro flash system deserves special mention here as well, as one of the most flexible macro lighting systems I've seen.) All in all, the new Dimage 7Hi demands serious consideration from anyone shopping at the high end of the "prosumer" digicam market, and its new flash sync and color-space options suit it to even some professional applications. Highly recommended!


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