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Casio QV-770 Test Images

(Note: All images were JPEG compressed from TIFF files in Photoshop for web display, at a compression setting of "7". This produced better results than the JPEG format as-saved from the QV-Link application, more representative of the camera's capabilities.)

Outdoor portrait: (64k) Good color saturation, but slightly ruddy skin tone. (Image could have been brightened a bit with the EV-adjust: We'll try to re-shoot in the next round of model shots.) Color is actually better than "big brother" QV-770!
Indoor portrait, flash: (56k) The QV-770 behaved rather strangely when taking flash pictures under incandescent lighting. The main shot shows the image as captured in a dark room. With the lights on, this shot carries a strong yellow cast - It seems the camera adjusted white balance for the flash, then decided it didn't need it! - We'll try reshooting in our next model session, with the lens set to the smaller aperture..  
Indoor portrait, no flash: (55k) White balance leaves most of the warmth of incandescent in the image. Exceptional low-light sensitivity actually allows image capture in far dimmer surroundings than our brightly-lit interior.  
House shot: (123k) Good color balance & saturation, good detail for VGA camera. Virtually no compression artifacts.  
"Musicians" poster: (108k) Good color saturation, good handling of skin tones, slightly yellowish cast overall.  
Macro shot: (61k) Good but not outstanding close-up capability. This shot taken with studio lighting, but on-board flash does good job up close, if you use the -EV adjustment.  
"Davebox" test target: (73k) Accurate rendition of "MacBeth" color chart, with excellent color saturation, no sensor overload problems around reflections of lights in pot lid, good highlight detail, moderate shadow detail.  
"WG-18" resolution target: (81k) (Technoids only) - Visual resolution of ~400 -425 line pairs/picture height, relatively little aliasing.Images in "Normal"(73k) and "Economy"(65k) modes are also 640x480, just use higher compression levels in-camera to make them smaller.  
Viewfinder accuracy/flash uniformity target: (65k) Target is well-centered, showing good viewfinder alignment, flash uniformity is very good also. Camera captures about 5% more image than shown in viewfinder.  

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