GoPro goes places you’d never dared, with Redrock Micro’s rugged camera cage


posted Friday, April 26, 2013 at 8:51 PM EST

Woodman Labs' tiny little GoProHero3 really is the limpet of the camera world: able to be attached to virtually anything, thanks to an array of available mounts. It's not just the ability to mount your GoPro anywhere that's important, though. Once mounted, it has to be stable enough to shoot usable video, and it doesn't hurt if you're at least reasonably confident you're still going to possess a working camera at the end of the shoot.

That's where a new camera cage from the folks at Redrock Micro comes in. The Cobalt Cage for GoPro Hero3 is designed both to increase your mounting options, all the while helping you keep the camera steady, and protecting it from harm during the shoot. The machined aluminum Cobalt Cage is said to be impact, crash, crush, and bullet-proof, and is designed to work either with the GoPro by itself, or with it in its underwater housing.

Front and rear views of the GoPro Hero3 in Redrock Micro's Cobalt Cage.

A generous 22 individual 1/4"-20 threaded mounting holes cover four sides on the outside of the cage, letting you use multiple mount points or attach accessories. All official GoPro accessories are said to be compatible with the Cobalt Cage, and all connectivity, controls and the flash card slot remain accessible with the camera in the cage. (Presuming it isn't in the underwater housing, of course.)

Pricing for the Cobalt Cage is set at US$99, relatively affordable compared to the cost of replacing your GoPro if it gets damaged. More details on the Redrock Micro website.

The Cobalt Cage attached to the bottom of a hexacopter.

The Cobalt Cage's many mounting points make it easy to brace securely.