Sony RX100 III boasts brighter zoom, popup viewfinder, and still fits in a pocket


posted Friday, May 16, 2014 at 12:01 AM EDT


The most exciting series of pocket-friendly cameras on the market just got even more exciting! Sony has taken its past RX100-series models and overhauled them to produce the 20-megapixel Sony RX100 III. And boy, is this ever one cool camera, with major updates throughout.

Changes include a brand-new lens that's bright across the zoom range, plus Sony's latest-generation BIONZ X image processor, improved autofocus, a selfie-friendly 180-degree tilting LCD, and a clever pop-up electronic viewfinder. And the RX100 III makes a much better movie shooter, too, providing better stabilization, full-sensor video capture, zebra striping, and even a clean HDMI output function.

The Sony RX100 III now sports a brighter zoom lens, and a popup electronic viewfinder, yet it's hardly any bigger or heavier than the RX100 II.

Available from June 2014, the Sony RX100 III is priced at around US$800. Just as with the earlier models, only a black body color will be offered. Find out a whole lot more about the brightest-lensed RX-series pocket zoom to date in our Sony RX100 III preview!