Canon announces development of 1D-styled, high-performance EOS R3 full-frame mirrorless camera


posted Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at 12:00 AM EDT

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Alongside a trio of new RF-mount lenses, Canon has also announced the development of an all-new, high-performance R-series mirrorless camera. The upcoming Canon EOS R3 will sit at the top of Canon's EOS R-series mirrorless camera lineup as the company's most advanced, most high-performance full-frame mirrorless camera model. Sporting an overall body design that's not too dissimilar from Canon's flagship 1D X-series DSLRs, the new R3 is designed for professional photographers looking for a durable and reliable mirrorless camera that's built around speed and performance. Though Canon is insistent that the EOS 1D-series remains their flagship, top-of-the-line EOS camera, the forthcoming EOS R3 will certainly be their highest-end mirrorless model to date, sitting above the EOS R5 in their EOS lineup.

As mentioned, the Canon R3 is designed for speed and performance, and much like the EOS 1D X Mark III, the camera is tailored around the needs of professional sports, wildlife and other action photographers, in particular. A key factor for the R3's high performance is its all-new image sensor. Although we don't yet know the megapixel count, the R3 will utilize Canon's first stacked CMOS sensor with a back-illuminated structure. Much like the stacked CMOS chips inside several Sony cameras, like the Alpha 1 for instance, this sophisticated sensor structure allows for faster data readout from the sensor. The fast sensor performance will allow the EOS R3 to shoot at up to 30fps with the electronic shutter and also have minimal rolling shutter distortion.


Unsurprisingly, the R3 also features high-speed Dual Pixel CMOS AF with on-sensor phase-detection. Canon states that it builds upon the already-impressive Dual Pixel CMOS AF system inside the EOS R5 and R6, including the Deep Learning-based eye- and body-detection focusing. Additionally, Canon says the EOS R3 will also incorporate new subjects for its subject detection focusing system, though they don't list specifics. The EOS R5 already offered face, head and eye tracking for humans and some animals, including birds, so we're very excited to see what new subjects or objects the upcoming EOS R3 will offer.

Additionally, the EOS R3 brings back a cool new focusing feature from Canon's film SLR days: Eye Control AF. Incorporated into the camera's EVF, the Eye Control AF feature will allow users to move the AF point or AF area simply by looking at the desired area of the frame.

In terms of body design, the EOS R3 takes after the EOS 1D-series by using a larger one-piece body with integrated vertical grip, which should offer improved overall ergonomics with heavier, longer lenses and while shooting in portrait orientation. Further, the camera is said to use the same 1D-class weather sealing in its design and construction, helping to ensure that it withstands harsh weather conditions and the rigors of challenging shooting environments.

Pricing and availability of the Canon R3 have not yet been released, nor have additional specs and features. For more information on the details we do know, head over to our Canon EOS R3 Preview.