Profoto announces new B10X and B10X Plus flashes with improved performance and features


posted Thursday, September 9, 2021 at 11:30 AM EDT


Profoto has announced the B10X and B10X Plus portable battery-powered strobe lights. The new lights build upon the foundation laid by 2019's B10 and B10 Plus lights while adding more power, improved performance and new features.

Profoto writes of the B10X and B10X Plus, 'They're both multipurpose. This means whether you're shooting video or still, the B10X and B10X Plus can take it in their stride. Less gear, more shooting! Both have been re-designed, so they provide ease-of-use, straight out of the box. Batteries are quick and easy to switch in and out and can be charged while in use. B10X and B10X Plus also include improved useful features. Like increased continuous light output from 2500lm to 3250lm. That's a 30% increase. And both lights provide faster recycling speed than the B10's.'

Profoto B10X Plus (left) and Profoto B10X (right)

Profoto B10X and B10X Plus Key Features

  • Size and shape of a camera lens
  • Lightweight and cordless
  • Optional with the flash power of 10 speedlights (B10 Plus) or 5 speedlights (B10)
  • Powerful continuous light with adjustable brightness and color temperature
  • Flexibility to set up on camera tripods or light stands
  • Compatibility with 120+ Profoto light shaping tools including the OCF range
  • Compatibility with all Profoto Air remotes, including the Profoto A-series
  • AirX built-in (Profoto Bluetooth technology)
  • Smart connectivity with the Profoto app

The B10X/B10X Plus can be used for both stills and videos. In addition to strobe capabilities, the lights also include continuous lighting.

Comparing the Profoto B10 Classic to the new B10X, the two strobes include the same form factor, including the same 1.5kg (3.3 lbs) weight. They also have the same battery life of 400 full-power flashes. The flashes also have the same flash power of 250 Ws. However, the B10X has 3250 lumens of continuous slight, up 750 lumens from the B10 Classic (as it's now named). Flash recycling has improved from 0.05-2 seconds to 0.05-1.2 seconds.

Profoto B10X

The Profoto B10X Plus is a bit larger and weighs 1.9 kg (4.2 lbs). The B10X Plus has double the flash power (500 Ws) but the same continuous light power of 3250 lumens. The B10X Plus has half the battery life in terms of full power flashes, given that it uses the same battery but has twice the maximum power. The B10X Plus recycles in 0.05-1.5s.

Additional features for both flashes include TTL and HSS compatibility, variable color temperature from 3000 to 6500K, high CRI of 90-96 (ensuring accurate colors and stability) and many triggering options.


The Profoto B10X is available now for just under $2,000. The Profoto B10X Plus is slightly more expensive at $2,300. For additional information, visit Profoto.