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  • Olympus 14-35mm f/2 ED SWD Zuiko Digital

    10 out of 10 points and recommended
    Outstanding Image Quality on E-5
    Could do with being a bit wider at the wide end

    I use this lens on my Olympus E-5 and it is outstanding, a big step up from the already good 12-60mm zoom. I also used it on an E-3 and while good, the images from this lens on the E-5 just blow me away.
    It is like using Leica glass on your DSLR, with the convenience of being able to zoom, it really is that good.
    With the F2 aperature, Size and weight are apparent, I use it on an E-5 with the grip attached and it balances rather well, without the grip it's not as easy to use and you do become aware of the weight.
    If you purchase one you will not be dissapointed.

    reviewed January 20th, 2012 (purchased for $1,750)