blue_streak's reviews

  • Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5 DC Macro

    8 out of 10 points and recommended
    Sharp Images, Price, Size, Weight
    Vingetting at wide angle

    I bought this lens as replacement to the 18-55 kit lens sold with the 30D. It is certainly an improvement. This lens does offer a wide angle at 17mm, but I have found that the image quality is improved at 17mm if I step the aperture to f/4.0, the “sweet spot” of the lens if you will. The lens has some vingetting problems at 17mm f/2.8. This makes me question why I bought a lens with a 2.8 aperture capability that I will no longer use.
    I must say that when I am outdoors with this lens it takes some wonderfully sharp pictures that I am happy with.

    I have been considering an upgrade to an L series Canon lens (falling into the same dilemma as many) whether to purchase the 24-70 f/2.8 or the 24-105 f/4.0 and then maybe a wide angle down the road. The lens was good for me as a beginner, but I am not completely satisfied……and I know it will cost me!

    If you want a sharp lens and you are on a budget, this might be the ticket, however, I feel like the lens has kept my 30D’s potential somewhat captive.

    reviewed January 29th, 2007 (purchased for $380)
  • Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG Macro APO

    8 out of 10 points and recommended
    Price, Zoom Range
    Sharpness at 300mm

    You get what you pay for.
    I have taken some really nice photos with this lens and overall I can’t complain. My problem is that I know what’s out there and that this lens is not comparable in that regard.

    I have a 30D and I certainly do not want a lens to hold the cameras potential at bay. I will definitely be spending a few more dollars on a newer telephoto lens and I am having a hard time deciding between Canon’s 70-200 f/4 IS and the 700-200 f/2.8 IS.
    I have also been eyeing the Sigma 100-300 as it has been getting some fantastic reviews.

    Oh well… back to work for now.

    reviewed January 29th, 2007 (purchased for $260)