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  • Tokina 28-80mm f/2.8 AT-X 280 AF PRO

    9 out of 10 points and recommended
    Great value - use this lens on my Nikon D200 as my general use lens. It feels beautifully balanced on the D200 and the image quality is far better than that of the Nikon kit lens. The build quality is very high, I have found theAF quick & accurate &am
    Initially I thought it was soft wide open until I got use to using it - focusing is crucial & it can be tricky to get the AF lined up in the right place so often result to manual focus. Prone to glare need to use lens hood in daylght.

    Having used this lens for sometime now and got use to making some allowances - using the hood if in daylight, manually focusing if wide open - this has become mydefault lens. The build quality is fantastic and I like the different textures of the focus & zoom rings.

    In short I love this lens & have no regrets at purchasing it at this price.

    reviewed December 2nd, 2007 (purchased for $380)