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  • Olympus 14-150mm f/4-5.6 ED M.Zuiko Digital

    0 out of 10 points and recommended

    This is not a review but an observation based on the tests published on this website. I compared the results of the standard target for this lens against some of the best zooms from nikon and canon: 15-85, 16-85 and 18-140. Dxomark rated nikon 18-140 as the best zoom lens for cropped nikon sensor. Comparing the olympus 14-150 against these 3 lenses it's obvious to me the sharpness is as good or even better than each of the three at both wide and tele, for minimum aperture and f/8. Now, if we take into account the 4/3 sensor is about 1 stop noisier than the aps-c sensors and we compare olympus at 150mm and f/5.6 against any of the other three lenses at tele and f/8, maybe we can say that olympus falls short. However we need to remember its grate range, grater than all the other 3 lenses. So based on sharpness alone i don't think this review is fair.
    Am i missing something? Please let me know because i'm looking to buy this lens in the near future.

    reviewed September 11th, 2015