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  • Olympus 75mm f/1.8 ED M.Zuiko Digital

    9 out of 10 points and recommended
    Great image quality, Solid construction, Little to no distortion and aberration
    Cost, Can be heavy when used on smaller MFT cameras

    Let me start out by saying that if you're considering buying this lens, and are in the market for a prime Micro Four-Thirds short telephoto lens, buy this 75mm f/1.8. That's the short version of the story: buy it in confidence knowing it's great.

    I had rented this lens a few times and absolutely loved it every time I used it, but lamented when I had to return it. After renting the lens at least half a dozen times I came to the realization I had probably spent more money on renting it than I would have if I had just bought it, so it's now in my arsenal.

    I could have gone with the 40-150mm f/2.8 instead of this, but the f/2.8 aperture is too slow for how I work. This prime is lighter, easier to keep in a bag, and stunning. At f/1.8 or slower, the results are sharp enough that I've been complimented by some colleagues who work in magazines using Canon or Nikon cameras. They're always impressed with how photos this guy turns out in combination with my E-M1, and I feel a weird sort of pride in owning this lens. It's like, being a part of a really obscure club or something.

    That said, it's not perfect. I desperately wanted the weather sealing of the PRO line of M.Zuiko lenses, I wanted the manual focus clutch of them as well, and for Pete's sake Olympus. The lens hood was NOT included and that is insulting. Optically, brilliant; but I feel like I was ripped off a bit with the insanely priced hood.

    I'm hoping that in the next few years Olympus steps up their game to better compete with other mirrorless competition. If a version 2 of this lens had all of my wish-list items, I'd sell mine in an instant and pick it up.

    You'll be pleased with the results of this lens, your clients will be happy, but remember it's not weather sealed, the hood is extra, and the manual focus is practically non-existant. | |

    reviewed October 31st, 2015 (purchased for $780)