GrassyKnollShooter's reviews

  • Vivitar 100mm f/3.5 AF Macro

    8 out of 10 points and recommended
    Inexpensive, light and very sharp.
    None. For me , anyway.

    I'm retired, but had a photography business, for many years. I own several highly regarded "cult" macro lenses that are great and that I love. I read lots of very positive reviews of the Vivitar 100 3.5 macro. Great, as pertains to the image quality. Not so much for the build quality. Having several good macro lenses, I wasn't interested in this lens. Then, I stumbled upon a listing for this lens, in very good condition, for a very low price. The lens was in Nikon mount and I was shooting with a Nikon camera, at the time. So, I bought it. I never got on, very well, with this lens. That had a lot to do with using it on a Nikon dslr. For me, not the ideal arrangement. Skip forward, many years, and I'm now using it, completely manual, on a Sony a6500 camera with a dumb adapter. I know photography, so manual mode is no problem, for me. Actually, even with an auto focus macro lens / camera, I almost always use manual focus, as I prefer it. Anyway, on my a6500 with adapter, this lens is a joy to use. And yes, it is very sharp and the image quality is great. We didn't get along, too well, at first, but now we're great friends.

    reviewed February 23rd, 2020 (purchased for $60)