buckeyemikie's reviews

  • Pentax 300mm f/4 ED IF SDM SMC DA*

    9 out of 10 points and recommended
    Beautiful bokeh; easy to hand hold w/K10 & 20; very sharp
    not inexpensive

    I've used this lens for about two months now and like it better every day. I've used it on my Bushhawk shoulder mount, Bogen and Flashpoint (carbon fiber) tripods with excellent results. Watch your shutters speeds if using a shoulder mount as its easy to end up at too low a speed even with IS tunrded on. I've used it to shoot tulips using selective focus to highlight a single tulip in sharp focus with beautiful results. I also have very sharp photos of birds at my feeders (even with a 50% crop) with my K10 & 20 bodies. I hope Pentax comes out with the weather-sealed 1.4X converter as rumored. Aftermarket converters for Pentax AF are hard to find.

    reviewed September 6th, 2009 (purchased for $1,079)